Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Veil Camo Collaborates with Buck Bourbon on New Blind

Wichita, KS: Veil Camo is a leader in the outdoor industry that is forward focused and brings a new scientific perspective to the way effective camouflage is created. They design patterns that do what no others have been able to do before[1]. Veil Camo announces the integration of their Wideland Camo pattern on the new Buck Bourbon® Rack House™ 300+ One Way Mesh hunting blind.

Buck Bourbon has one single goal; to provide a nutritionally complete, all-natural feed thar deer devour. For over 10 years they have been blending, testing and refining their sweet-smelling attractant to achieve this goal every day. After countless field tests, they have formulated a complete lineup of attractants and minerals that deer thirst for.

Veil Camo’s Wideland pattern is built to keep you hidden in everything from wide open spaces to deep timber and is easily one of the most versatile patterns in the Veil Camo arsenal. It moves with you in and out of the tree line because of its unique and powerful combination of human-outline-breaking shapes and textures. This combination ensures you aren't identified as a threat while dissolving you into your surroundings. This was achieved by utilizing animal vision research data we have studied and used for every pattern that is created. Wideland was built to excel across a wide spectrum of prey and predator animals and is now a great blind option for Buck Bourbon customers. The Wideland pattern is also available in Buck Bourbon’s Rack House 150+ hunting Blind. The new Rack House 300+ Blind is available now at Buck Bourbon; get yours today and support the collaboration of Buck Bourbon and Veil Camo.

Veil Camo creates authentic camouflage patterns using innovative, technological advances that other segments in the outdoor industry have yet to discover. By studying and understanding the patterns of nature through field studies, a formula was derived using the theory of Chaos- the mathematical patterns of order in nature. Veil utilizes this formula to create camo that effectively disrupts depth perception, movement, and silhouettes. Veil offers numerous concealment patterns for a broad range of applications—from specific hunting and fishing environments to law enforcement, lifestyle, and everything in between.

Veil™ is focused on partner and category selection with proven performance distinction that separates and elevates brands to the next level. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil™ Camo, 225.223.810, or smoore@veilcamo.com. For question on Buck Bourbon products contact Jack Borcherding, Marketing and Sales Via phone 314.315.5585, or jack@buckbourbon.com

[1] Learn more about Veil Camo: https://www.veilcamo.com/pages/science