Thursday, October 1, 2020

Everest Launches Personal Survival Package with 12 Survivors

The Leading Outdoor Enthusiast Marketplace Teams With 12 Survivors to Create A World Class Survival Kit 50% Off Retail Pricing

The Woodlands, Texas –, the nation’s first outdoor lifestyle-focused, multi-merchant marketplace announced today that the company has teamed with 12 Survivors to create and offer a top-notch survival package to Everest Caliber members, with free shipping, at an almost $100 discount.

The Personal Survival Package features all the innovative gear you need to get you through an unexpected adventure or a last-minute overnight expedition. Each package comes equipped with supplies by 12 Survivors including an Ignite-110 Headlamp, 20F Sleeping Bag, Ultra Mini First Aid Kit, a Sharp & Spark fire starter and Pocket Water Purifier.

“Given the state of the world and our nation, outdoor survival is not just for the hunter, fisherman or backpacker anymore. More and more everyday people are taking family survival seriously,” said Bill Voss, the founder and CEO of Everest. “We spoke with 12 Survivors and worked with them to create a kit that addresses basic needs – light, protection from elements, first aid, fire and most importantly, water. We’ve bundled them at an extremely affordable price for our Caliber members.”

“12 Survivors is proud to partner with Everest, says Chris Lalik, OEM Market Manager for Sellmark Corporation. “Our collaboration on the Personal Survival Package is a great way to introduce new consumers to the entire 12 Survivors line.”

About 12 Survivors

12 Survivors is about bringing people closer to nature… and each other. Founded on the premise of unity and selfless, steadfast teamwork in the face of adversity, We provide quality outdoor products such as knives, multi-tools, tents, first-aid kits, backpacks and other innovative gear to meet the demanding needs of survivalists, preppers, campers, hikers and hunters alike. 12 Survivors is built around a positive message of survival, resilience, human spirit and support for families and individuals seeking the thrill of outdoor adventure. Humans are resilient by nature and 12 Survivors strives to empower people with both the knowledge and tools they need to “Go Ready”.

About Everest

Driven by our Caliber Members, the Everest mission is to create the leading marketplace for the shooting sports, hunting, fishing and outdoor worlds – a place where retailers can sell firearms, fishing gear, camping gear, outdoor products and other related consumer items. The Everest marketplace represents a place where like-minded consumers can learn, interact, participate and shop. At our core, we are a community of like-minded, non-discriminating, conservation-loving outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

For more information on the Everest Personal Survival Package, visit the website at or contact: Adam Handelsman (512) 363-0594 OR ADAM@SPECOPSCOMM.COM