Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Dead Ringer’s Hatchet Broadhead Ensures Short Tracking Jobs

Minden, LA — Dead Ringer’s two-blade Hatchet broadhead is engineered for optimal flight and hard-hitting penetration.

CNC machined of carbon steel with razor-sharp stainless blades, the rear-deploying Hatchet devastates with a 2-inch entrance wound and 2-inch exit wound for quick recovery of game.

The 100-grain Hatchet broadheads feature a clipless retention system for reliable performance and boast field-tip accuracy.

Engineered to reliably perform up to 450 fps, the Hatchet boasts maximum penetration and field-tip accuracy. The 100-grain broadhead comes in a three-pack for just $44.99.

To learn more about the Hatchet and browse Dead Ringer’s full lineup, visit deadringerhunting.com.

About Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is operated by passionate and fanatical outdoor enthusiasts. The company is a leading manufacturer of archery, hunting, and shooting products, offering a comprehensive line of broadheads, sights, and other accessories. A veteran-owned business, Dead Ringer is a Rock Ridge Outdoors company. To learn more, visit deadringerhunting.com.

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