Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kopfjäger K800 Tripod Updated

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Kopfjäger has updated their popular K800 Carbon Fiber Tripod to include flip locks. All new K800 Tripods and K800 Tripod with Reaper Grip Kits will now be sold with flip locks instead of the previous twist lock system. This flip lock system is the same type currently found on Kopfjäger K700 Tripods and Kits.

The result is a tripod that is able to be adjusted much easier and quicker in the field. This more convenient design slightly increases overall folded length to 19.75 in. and increases weight moderately to 3.85 lbs. Overall functionality and materials remain the same. Hunters and shooters who are on uneven ground or that find themselves routinely making adjustments to their tripod height will now be able to make quick adjustments in the field without having to spend precious moments twisting the locks.

About Kopfjäger

Founded in 2012, Kopfjäger Industries’ focus began with a “deer blind rifle rest.” Scores of drawings, prototypes and patents ultimately led the company into the uncharted territory of tripod mounted gun rests, beginning with the Reaper Rest in 2014. Soon after, in 2015, Kopfjäger unveiled the Reaper Grip. Beginning in 2016, the Reaper Grip paved Kopfjäger’s way to the top of multipurpose gun rest innovation. Since then, Kopfjäger’s growth has positioned the company as the clear industry leader in mission-oriented gun rests for elite military units, competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts