Friday, November 13, 2020

Bowtech New for 2021: The Carbon Zion and Zion DLX

EUGENE, OR – Bowtech announces the pinnacle of carbon performance has arrived with the Zion and Zion DLX. There are other carbon bows on the market. But there is only one lightest, most accurate carbon bow ever built. The all-new Carbon Zion. At just 3.3 pounds, it’s a marvel of modern engineering, weighing less than every competing carbon-riser platform out there, and featured a new accuracy enhancing, torque eliminating grip. It’s driven by the synchronized binary cam system, widely regarded as one of the most accurate cam systems in the world, delivering easy tuning, perfectly flat nock travel and nock-splitting consistency.

“To appreciate the Zion, you simply have to pick it up and shoot it!”, said VP of Product Marketing Dave Parker. The lightweight carbon riser, the new improved grip and the new high performance cam, make the Zion the perfect choice for the bowhunter looking for performance in a lightweight platform.”

The new Carbon Zion DLX, featuring the same aerospace inspired carbon riser as the Zion that incorporates new accuracy enhancing torque eliminating grip. It’s simple-to-tune Binary Cam System is perfectly synchronized for optimum power and accuracy. The Zion DLX combines this superior performance with premium accessories from Black Gold, TightSpot, RipCord, and Octane. This delivers the ultimate complete hunting bow package, that can go anywhere and perform in any condition, while providing comfort to get there and back again.

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