Friday, March 15, 2019

Ridge Road Outdoor Media Network - Ohio Media Crew Meets for Breakfast and a Show

Rushford, MN – Ridge Road Outdoor Media Network, with it’s Ohio Media Crew, will be meeting for breakfast with participating brands attending the Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo on Saturday morning.

Breakfast and a show is another advancement in the Power Sharing Network from the Ridge Road Outdoor Media Network. The Power Sharing Network is the largest on-staff network of brand influencers on the internet for shooting and outdoor brands.Ridge Road has media crew in every state and Canada.

Ridge Road Outdoor Media Network is excited to bring segments of the Media Crew together to meet one another and participating brands face-to-face for breakfast, and then go work the isles of the largest shooting and outdoor events in their respective states and/or provinces.

For shooting and outdoor brands that would like to know first-hand about what is now the most powerful digital marketing operation in the shooting and outdoor industry, be sure to speak with one of our media crew staff at a show if you get a chance!

If you are looking to greatly expand your reach, connect with more customers and buyers to boost sales then contact us at to learn more.

About the Ridge Road Outdoor Media Network

Connecting Your Brand With The Right People. It's what we do.

Since 2014, Ridge Road Outdoors has worked to bring brands in front of the right target audience. In 2018, we launched the Power Sharing Network"Where real outdoor folks share information with real outdoor folks".

For 2019, we have completely re-tooled, improved, and partnered to deliver the best digital marketing and sales program for all shooting and outdoor brands. WE GUARANTEE IT! We operate the only true digital marketing program with the best ROI in the shooting and outdoor industries.

Dollar-for-dollar, our program outperforms all other digital, print, or TV marketing, and we back that with the only Social Media Performance Money Back Guarantee in the industry.

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