Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Celerant Integrates with ShopperTrak

Stratus Enterprise™ by Celerant Now Integrates with ShopperTrak, Providing Dealers a Holistic View of In Store Shoppers

Incorporating Celerant Technology’s point of sale data with ShopperTrak’s foot traffic helps sportsman stores enhance shopping experiences and increase sales

Staten Island, NY Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for the sportsman industry, today announced an integration with ShopperTrak from Sensormatic Solutions, the leading global provider of location-based analytics. Integrating Stratus Enterprise, Celerant’s advanced point of sale system, with ShopperTrak provides customer analytics that combine point of sale and foot traffic data– helping dealers better understand shopping patterns and identify trends; react with more effective promotions, email campaigns and store displays; and increase sales.

ShopperTrak counts the number of people entering a store, and tracks movement inside the store by leveraging traffic-counting devices and geo-tracking technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE iBeacons and video. Through ShopperTrak, retailers can view reports that highlight traffic volume, traffic patterns, peak traffic times, dwell times in areas throughout the store, and more.

“As shopping patterns change in sportsman stores across the country, its important dealers react and try new things to improve the customer experience,” stated Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing at Celerant Technology. “By integrating with ShopperTrak, dealers can better understand how change affects their customers; and continually adjust their strategy to maximize in store sales.”

Integrating ShopperTrak with Stratus Enterprise provides FFL dealers with a more holistic view of their customers in a single platform. Through the integration, point of sale data is automatically transferred from Stratus Enterprise to ShopperTrak; ShopperTrak then converts foot traffic with sales volume and metrics into meaningful customer insights. This allows sportsman stores to better understand their customers’ shopping behavior and evaluate the impact of marketing decisions; for example, campaigns vs. store traffic; or store displays vs. sales. Leveraging this data, dealers can also better experiment with store layouts and promotions; and quickly identify and react to trends to maximize sales.

In addition, workforce data can be transferred from Stratus Enterprise to ShopperTrak. Leveraging workforce data alongside store traffic helps store managers make better staffing decisions, plan employee shifts and reduce labor costs. Managers can compare daily and hourly store traffic patterns to employee punch in/out times to ensure each store is properly staffed without over staffing, break times are well planned, and staff are in the areas of the store to best serve customers throughout the day.

To learn more about Stratus Enterprise’s integration with ShopperTrak, please visit www.celerant.com/partner/ShopperTrak.

About Sensormatic Solutions
Sensormatic Solutions is the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls enabling smart and connected shopper engagement. By combining critical insights into retail inventory, shopper traffic and loss prevention, Sensormatic Solutions powers operational excellence at scale and helps create unique shopping experiences. Our solutions deliver real-time visibility and predictive analytics for accurate decision-making across the enterprise, enabling retailers to confidently move into the future. With more than 1.5 million data collection devices in the retail marketplace, we capture 40 billion shopper visits and track and protect billions of items each year. Our retail portfolio features the premier Sensormatic, ShopperTrak and TrueVUE brands. Please visit Sensormatic Solutions or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.

About Celerant Technology
Celerant has been supporting the outdoor and firearms industry since 1999 with innovative retail software, enabling FFL dealers to expand their business both in store and online. As a preferred software provider for the NSSF, NRA and NASGW, Celerant supports dealers through point of sale, eCommerce, distributor integrations, A&D/e4473, range and membership management, marketplace integrations (i.e., Weapon Depot, GunBroker, gun.deals, Guns.com) and more. For more information, please visit www.celerant.com/firearms.