Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Ten Companies Now Use EasyExport

Ten Companies Now Use EasyExport® to Export Guns, Parts, and Scopes to 82 Countries

Hartford, CT – EasyExport® proudly announces that 10 manufacturers and resellers are now using EasyExport’s revolutionary automated export-processing service to grow their revenues by safely and reliably shipping their guns, parts, scopes, and accessories to 82 countries. Seven of the 10 companies did not export at all until they began using EasyExport.

Companies that are generating international revenues and extending their brands globally with EasyExport’s help include:

·Volquartsen Firearms


·E. Arthur Brown Company

·Ranger Point Precision

·Red Hawk Rifles

·Shalo Tek

·Overwatch Precision

·FN Specialties

·Lakeline LLC

·Vet Sales & Transfers

These companies are shipping to international consumers, dealers, gunsmiths and government agencies in compliance with all U.S. export regulations, as well as import regulations in the destination countries.

“We spent three years building EasyExport from scratch. It is very gratifying to watch our rate of growth accelerate,” says Jeff Grody, EasyExport co-founder and CEO. “Six months after launching operations last July, we had four customers. Eight week later, we had 10 customers.”

Grody continued, “It takes a while for any new company to gain traction, even with a great product. Ironically, EasyExport does so many incredible things some people thought we were a scam. Our first customers made a leap of faith for which we will be eternally grateful. Now, EasyExport can demonstrate a track record of successful shipments and happy merchants with growing international revenues.”

EasyExport’s software instantly processes international orders for export and import requirements, clearing most orders for shipment immediately. In the other cases -- when an order cannot be shipped until after an export license or import permit has been obtained -- EasyExport places a hold on the affected items so they can’t be shipped. EasyExport staff obtains export licenses and approves import permits, removing holds as these tasks are completed. Merchants ship when they see no holds. Companies using EasyExport frequently ship international orders the same day they are received.

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is the only solution that enables any seller of firearms, parts, or optics in the United States to ship legally, reliably, and affordably to lawful firearm owners around the world. EasyExport makes fulfilling international orders almost as easy as domestic orders.

With EasyExport’s no-risk service, every manufacturer and reseller in the firearms industry can sell into the global market. Set-up costs are low, contracts are cancellable at any time, and merchants pay only for orders received and shipments shipped.

EasyExport contracts include full training and continuous support. No export compliance expertise is required. Start selling internationally in about two weeks. EasyExport provides a total, proven commercial and regulatory solution.

For more information, visit www.easyexport.net. To schedule a presentation and demo, email sales@easyexport.net.

Contact: Jeff Grody, jeff@easyexport.net.