Monday, February 12, 2024

Nosler Celebrates Sponsored Shooter Nick Gadarzi’s Victory at The Lead Farm PRS Club Match

Prosser, WA –– Nosler®, Inc. extends its congratulations to sponsored shooter Nick Gadarzi for his impressive victory at the Lead Farm PRS Club Match. This competition marked the first match of the year for shooters, and Gadarzi’s performance set the standard.

Hosted at The Lead Farm, a premier shooting destination renowned for precision rifle competitions in Southeast Washington, the match presented challenging targets spanning distances from 100 to 1400 yards. With the majority falling within the 300-600-yard range, shooters faced a dynamic array of obstacles, including various firing positions, props and intense wind conditions, to truly test their marksmanship skills.

Nick Gadarzi was shooting a 6mm Dasher rifle equipped with Nosler’s 105gr RDFs bullets. Gadarzi demonstrated unmatched accuracy, culminating in a total score of 90 points. Nosler remains committed to supporting shooters like Gadarzi and looks forward to following his success this season.