Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Vortex Cartridge Talks, Ep. 4

BARNEVELD, Wis. - Two most successful 30-caliber big game hunting and long-range cartridges in the world. One battle of versatility, shootability, impact velocity, and bullet penetration tests on ballistics gel that yields surprising results.

Click here to watch Cartridge Talks, Ep. 4: “.308 Winchester® vs .300 Winchester Magnum®” on the Vortex Nation™ YouTube Channel.

.308 WIN vs .300 WIN MAG – IN DEPTH

Want to take a deeper dive into muzzle velocities, drop and drift, ammunition, and other critical considerations that impact hunting and long range and performance? Check out Cartridge Talks: Fully Loaded.

This new podcast expands upon the fun format of the video series with hosts, Mark Boardman and Ryan Muckenhirn, who help you pick the best cartridge that aligns with factors most important to you. Click here to listen and learn more factors to consider before choosing between the .308 Winchester® and .300 Winchester Magnum®.

Viewers are invited to check out Cartridge Talks Ep. 4: “.308 Winchester® vs .300 Winchester Magnum®.” Drop suggestions for future cartridge battles in the comments section, and be sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified when new episodes air.
Upcoming shows in the series include:

• October: Ep. 5 — .450 Bushmaster® vs .350 Legend
• November: Ep. 6 — .223 Remington® vs .300 Blackout
• December: Ep. 7 — 7mm Remington® Magnum vs 7mm PRC

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