Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Kauger Arms Increases Production

(Hazlehurst, GA) Kauger Arms, manufacturer of some the most revolutionary firearms on the market, know for its technology, accuracy and dependability has seen a significant increase over the past eight months in both production and custom model rifles. Due to the overwhelming requests and overall sales, Kauger Arms has increased its production by 110% to meet demand.

With the success and overall popularity of the Kauger Tomahawk .410, the hunting community and shooting enthusiasts have taken notice of all the quality Kauger Arms firearms. Noted for the attention to detail, accuracy, innovation and dependability, Kauger Arms is quickly becoming the “go-to” for quality hunting and shooting rifles.

“For many years, our parent company, Precision Products, has been making components for some of the top firearms companies in the nation,” said Tim Kauger, President of Kauger Arms. “When we decided to start producing firearms with our name on them, we would have never expected the demand would be where it is today. We anticipate that this trend will continue and we’ll be ready to fulfill our customers needs.”

What was just a side project, making rifles in between production runs has turned into a full-time business, running two shifts and hiring production staff dedicated specifically to Kauger Arms. To view the full line of Kauger Arms firearms, please visit: www.kaugerarms.com. For orders or dealer inquiries, please contact customerservice@kaugerarms.com or call (912) 375-9159.

About Kauger Arms

Kauger Arms and the Kauger Family have spent countless years designing, developing and manufacturing the absolute best rifle-actions for the industry’s leading firearms manufacturers. Using the combined decades of experience in the engineering and as gunsmiths, Kauger Arms developed a new line of industry-leading actions and firearms that are truly more accurate, durable and dependable than their predecessors.

Made exclusively in the United States and boasting revolutionary firearm technology, these actions are barrel ready with the faces of the receivers perfectly true to bore. In other words, there is no longer any need for re-facing by a gunsmith or firearms professional. No matter your preferred shooting sport, Kauger Arms produces the actions & customs rifles that are sure to be dependable & never disappoint.

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