Friday, May 6, 2022

Airgun Sporting Association Welcomes Alaska States Which Allow Airgun Hunting for Big Game

HELENA, MT – The Airgun Sporting Association, the trade organization of the airgun industry, Thursday announced that Alaska will soon be allowing deer and caribou hunting with airguns.

During their spring meetings, the Alaska Board of Game made the decision to allow caribou and deer (mule and whitetail) to be taken with pre-charged pneumatic airguns (.35 caliber and larger). This change will take effect on July 1. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is currently working on the regulation change.

“We are very excited to add Alaska to the growing list of over 23 states that allow airguns for big game hunting” stated Mitch King, President. “Our goal is to work closely with our industry partners and the state wildlife agencies to develop their proposed regulations, legislative language and airgun safety training programs”.

To join the ASA or to see a map of states which allow airguns for hunting, please visit and click on the Regulations tab.

About the Airgun Sporting Association

The Airgun Sporting Association is the federally registered trade organization of the airgun industry with membership that covers the major U.S. based airgun manufacturers and importers, as well as airgun manufacturer suppliers, airgun retailers, airgun professionals and airgun enthusiasts. The Association’s primary mission is to assist in the growth of the industry in the U.S. The focus of the Association is working with state wildlife agencies to expand airgun hunting opportunities. The Association also supports recreational airgun shooting and recruitment activities under the ASAplus brand. For information about the Airguns Sporting Association, please visit