Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SDS Imports Introduces the Tokarev TX3 20 ga.

Knoxville, Tennessee – SDS Imports introduces following Tokarev USA’s success with their excellent TX HDA1 12-gauge pump shotgun, it is appropriate they follow it with the introduction of two new lighter-recoiling 20-gauge pump-action shotguns; the TX3 20HDA1, with its black anodized aluminum receiver and matte blued-steel like finish chrome-lined barrel, and their 4140 chromoly-steel 20HDMA1 Marine Pump Action Shotgun. Tokarev USA’s newly introduced shotguns will serve equally well for home and self protection, law enforcement, and hunting deer, turkey, upland game and waterfowl or simply enjoying range time to become more proficient shooting clay targets. These two are ideal shotguns, regardless whether someone is a novice or an experienced shooter.

The 20HDMA1 is an ideal choice for anyone who spends time in “salty situations and climes”. Anyone who owns one of the new Tokarev USA shotguns can know they were produced on state-of-the-art CNC equipment but with the quality of old world manufacturing knowledge! These two highly functional, reliable and good-looking pump-action shotguns are economically priced. Either or both, will fit nicely into anyone’s budget.

Tokarev USA’s two new shotguns are chambered for 20-gauge. Both are stocked with attractive Turkish walnut forend and butt stock, which has a thick rubber recoil pad to reduce felt recoil. All exposed metal parts of the TX3 20HDA1 have a non-luster, matte, black finish. The receiver is of an aluminum alloy. The 20HDMA1 Marine’s barrel is made of 4140 chromoly steel, while the receiver is of an aluminum-alloy which were bead-blasted before applying an electroless nickel plating which inhibits rust and corrosion, making it an ideal shotgun for use on, near and around salt water. Both models come equipped with sling studs.

The TX3 20HDA1’s chrome-lined barrel like that of the TX3 20HDMA1 is 18.5-inches in length, both are complete with a fiber-optic front sight. The rear sight is a fully adjustable ghost-ring mounted on a Picatinny rail which can also be used for scope-mounting. Both shotguns come with 3 choke tubes; Cylinder, Modified and Full. Barrels are threaded to accept Benelli choke pattern tubes. With proper choke tubes both slugs and steel shot can be used in addition to lead shot. With both models the barrel is covered with a unique and highly functional vented, heat shield!

The contoured design trigger guard assembly allows for quickly moving the Remington Model 870-style crossbar safety from “safe” to “fire”. It also houses the “action release” should a loaded shell need to be removed from the barrel. Both models of the shotgun have a single extractor.

The tubular magazine has a shell capacity of four for 3-inch and five for 2 ¾-inch shells. A magazine extension can be added to increase shell capacity. However, for hunting migratory game birds, the gun comes with a 3-round magazine limiter.

Tokarev USA TX3 20HDA1 and TX3 20HDMA1 Specifications:

Action: Pump Action

Chamber: 20-gauge

Stock: Turkish Walnut

Chamber Length: 3-inch

Receiver: Aluminum, Nickel-finish for TX3 20HDMA1 and Matte-finish for TX3 20HDA1

Trigger: Single-stage

Barrel Length: 18.5-inches both models

Barrel Finish: Nickel-finish for TX3 20HDMA1 and Black Matte-finish for TX3 20HDA1

Sights: Adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight, Fiber-Optic front sight

Chokes: Cylinder, Modified and Full, comes with Choke Wrench, will accept Benelli Choke Tubes

Optic Compatibility: Picatinny Rail

Magazine Capacity: 4 (3-inch), 5 (2 ¾-inch)+1

Overall Length: 38.25-inches

Length of Pull: 13.5-inches

Height: 8.44-inches

Width: 1.91-inches

Drop at Heel: 2.0-inches

Weight: 6-pounds 14-ounces

Sling Compatibility: Yes, sling studs

MSRP: TX3 20HDA 1 - $329.99 and TX3 20HDMA1 - $339.99

About Tokarev USA:

Tokarev USA is the exclusive import partner for Tokarev Arms, bringing their line of high quality shotguns to the US market. Tokarev’s modern designs mixed with utilitarian features create rugged and functional firearms for any situation. Backed by the Lifetime Service Plan they bring a combination of performance, value and a commitment to customer service to a broad range of firearm enthusiasts.

About SDS Imports:

SDS Imports is a premier manufacturer and importer with offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and southwestern Turkey. Established in 2017, the founding partners of SDS Imports have decades of combined experience in importation, manufacturing, and engineering across various industries, from firearms to plastics to large scale distribution. The expertise allows SDS Imports to work closely with their partners around the globe to ensure success in the US market. SDS technical staff assists manufacturing partners with on-site engineering initiatives, compliance expertise, and marketing efforts to ensure success in the diverse US firearm market. SDS maintains strong relationships within the industry to afford new brands the opportunity to enter established sales and distribution channels, reach new customers with targeted marketing and offer unwavering customer support. SDS is the exclusive distributor for Tisas USA, Tokarev USA, Spandau USA and Military Armament Corporation.


Neil Sanders, Director of Marketing: neil.sanders@sadsimports.com, 214-707-7775