Monday, November 16, 2020

Kelly Brand Management Partners With Arctic Ice 

Atlanta, GA – Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy, has been selected as the agency of record for American-made company, Arctic Ice.

Arctic Ice, a high-performance freezer pack company based in South Dakota, was founded in Nov. 2012 when three acquaintances with experience in sporting goods industry, the medical industry, and plastics had an idea that quickly became a viable business.

David White, co-founder and general manager at Arctic Ice said, “Part of the goal was to not only build a product, but also build something with long-performance and reliability, working the same way every time, from the first time it’s taken from the freezer.”

Arctic Ice recently launched the largest ice pack offered in the retail market, the 10-pound XXL. These are available in all three temperature phases. Arctic Ice packs differ based on usage. For frozen items, the Tundra Series offers unbeatable freezing action. For refrigerated items, the Alaskan Series is best. The Chillin’ Brew and Cradle is perfect for tailgating and daily trips. Arctic Price products are non-toxic, reusable, dishwasher safe, and carry a lifetime warranty. Their sizes range small to extra-large, weighing anywhere from .75 pounds to 10 pounds.

Joel Bell, president at KBM said, "What is interesting about Arctic Ice is that they are always trying to find what works best for their consumers, Our agency is the same way, so it's easy to find common ground in these conversations and projects. For instance, they have a lifetime warranty on all of their American-made products. This is the type of company we like to get behind."

“My biggest hope is that the KBM team will be able to open a number of doors. There’s familiarity with the brand because of their staff. KBM brings a lot of opportunities to the table, not only in the outdoor market, but also in food service, and hardware and others. They have the contacts to make us a bigger and better company,” said White.

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Contact: Kaylyn Hopper, Digital Marketing Specialist, Kelly Brand Management