Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The GameMaker™ Fold 'N Stow Bucket Board

Fremont, NE - People who love fishing are drawn to the water for many reasons: the natural beauty of the outdoors, the thrill of a taut line after an unexpected hit, the strategy that goes into repeated success, the sheer luck of stumbling across an active spot, the tranquil peace of a frozen lake before dawn. Rarely, though, do people become passionate about casting a line because they're looking for an excuse to clean up a stinking, leaking mess of fresh fish guts or because they love to combine slippery, soft objects with sharp blades on an uneven surface.

Seth McGinn's GameMaker™ Fold 'N Stow Bucket Board provides fishers with a simple, organized system for fish cleaning so that they can focus on whatever else is most important to them. Thanks to its clever design, the board fits securely over the top any four-, five-, or six-gallon bucket, and features both a special oval-shaped waste slot for scraps and a separate slot to hold the knife safely in place when it's not in use. Grooves cut into the top surface ensure that all excess liquid goes down into the bucket instead of leaking all over the fisherman.

Once the fish are clean, the odor and stain resistant materials make the Fold 'N Stow Bucket Board a breeze to clean as well - simply rinse it with soapy water, fold it, and store it back in the bucket. With the unique needs of ice fishers top of mind, the board's designers strove to create a product that is as portable as it is functional. Because it fits into a bucket when folded, the lightweight, durable board adds as little weight and bulk as possible to any fisher's gear.

Wherever there is a fish to be cleaned - in an ice house, on a boat, at the dock, on the tailgate, or anywhere else - everyone's goal is to safely control the mess and shorten clean time. Trade in the hodgepodge of slippery, bulky cutting boards and disorganized tools for Seth McGinn's GameMaker™ Fold 'N Stow Bucket Board and discover the best, simplest solution to a problem that no one else had the guts to solve.

GameMaker™ Bucket Board Features

  • Fits on any 4, 5 or 6 gallon bucket

  • Folds in half for storage - it even fits in the bucket

  • Slot for knife

  • Juice groove funnels liquid into bucket

  • Oval scrap opening

  • Odor and stain resistant

  • Easy to clean

GameMaker™ Bucket Board Specifications

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In 2009, Seth McGinn's CanCooker revolutionized cooking in old-fashioned-creamery-style cans. Headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, CanCooker Inc.'s unique outdoor cooking device allows you to cook a large amount of food quickly. The lightweight, high-strength aluminum construction and latch-closed, silicon-sealed lid ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment. The CanCooker is perfect for everyday life, weekend life, and adventure life.

  • Model# FBB1370

  • UPC 602573551370

  • Size: 1'-3"x1-1" surface

  • Weight: 16 lbs.

  • MAP: $24.99

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