Tuesday, September 15, 2020

CWD-Free™ Deer Attractant

Woodbridge, VA - Inventive Outdoors is excited to announce their newest product, CWD-Free™. CWD-Free™ is guaranteed and legal in all States that allow scent attractants. This product release has taken the deer urine attractant category by storm and turned it upside down. As CWD fears grew, the deer urine attractant industry answered with synthetic deer attractants. Synthetics are not urine-based and do not contain the same effective compounds and components as real urine. The bottom line is synthetics are not natural urine and are not as effective. CWD-Free™ gives the hunter all the benefits of real urine without the risk of containing CWD!

Using their patent-pending urine neutralization and conversion system, Inventive Outdoors was able to create a true urine-based “hybrid” deer attractant. This neutralization and conversion process targets “bad” or unwanted compounds found in urine while leaving the “good” or desired compounds in it. Their system also targets uric acid and neutralizes the urine pH, thereby prohibiting the generation of ammonia. Because of this, the attractant does not degrade over time and is as fresh on the fourth day in a scrape as it was the day it was applied! When the neutralized urine is combined with the proprietary scent additives containing synthesized natural compounds, the result is a urine-based, 100% CWD-free deer attractant. Inventive Outdoors’ attractants are not Cervidae urine-based so there is no risk of spreading CWD prions through its use and it’s legal in States that have banned natural deer urine attractants.

All urines contain compounds and other components that produce smells that are discernable by deer and other animals. Since they leave the “good” or wanted compounds in the urine and eliminate the “bad” or unwanted compounds prior to the addition of synthesized natural compounds, deer and other animals react naturally to it. This is what separates CWD-Free™ from both natural and synthetic attractants. There is truly nothing like it on the market today!

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About Inventive Outdoors

Inventive Outdoors LLC was founded by Deane Elliott. Deane is an avid hunter and spent over 32 years in the patent research business conducting patent searches for corporations and law firms throughout the world. Deane holds several patents and has others pending in the hunting industry. Deane is the brainchild behind the patented Gutcheck® Indicator, a PH Indicator that reads the effectiveness of your shot on several different animals as well as ScentRelief®, a system that converts human urine into effective attractants and cover scents.