Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Pure Archery Group Partners with Major League Bowhunter

Pure Archery Group is proud to announce its new partnership with Major League Bowhunter, one of the most popular TV and Digital shows today. Major league Bowhunter features Hosts Matt Duff and Chipper Jones, along with Field Producers – Brandon Danker, Brad Stricker, and Producer - Colin Perry. These avid outdoorsmen believe that something can be learned from every experience in the field, both good and bad. Their passion and success in harvesting big bucks are what formed a special friendship among them. This new partnership will extend through all Pure Archery Group brands, including Bowtech Archery, Excalibur Crossbow, Black Gold Sights, TightSpot Quivers, Ripcord Arrow Rests, Diamond Archery, and Octane Accessories.

Regarding the new partnership, Chipper Jones shared: "Major League Bowhunter is super excited to partner up with one of the biggest brands in the industry. Pure Archery Group's range of products is second to none, and we look forward to getting in the field and putting them to work and a great partnership for years to come."

"Major League Bowhunter is one of the premier bowhunting only shows airing today. The exciting content they produce is right at home with our consumers. They create fun, exciting, and engaging content that continues to educate bowhunters. "said Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing. "It was only logical that we partner up with this crew for many years."

You can see all the great content from Pure Archery Group and Major League Bowhunter on all our social platforms and The Sportsman Channel.

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