Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Clenzoil Announces New Director of Operations

(Dade City, FL) Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948 is pleased to introduce their new Director of Operations, Cody Harrelson.

“Since joining the Clenzoil team this summer, Cody has provided significant support to our production and logistics operations, especially as we have continued to expand our dealer network and the size of our facilities” said Chris Hoffman, President of Clenzoil. “His integrated operations experience and vast skill set will allow us to capitalize on the continued growth of the Clenzoil brand as we continue to expand our dealer network and operational footprint here in Dade City. The addition of Cody to our team underscores our commitment to ensure products are always available for our customers and delivered to them with the speed and accuracy that our customers have come to expect from Clenzoil.”

With over nine years of experience in the firearms industry in roles that include sales, customer service, manufacturing, shipping and management, Cody brings to Clenzoil a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and proficiency in operational and QC processes. The addition of his wide array of skills to the Clenzoil team will undoubtedly support the continued growth and ensure the company is positioned to capitalize on any and all opportunities presented.

“I’ve always admired Clenzoil – as both a consumer and a customer. Working from the outside looking in, it was always easy to see the potential the company carried from both a product quality and operational perspective. The team has done an excellent job of providing so much more than just a product for a shelf. Clenzoil is the hardest working product – backed by a harder working team, and I’m proud to be a part of it,” said Harrelson.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Alan Molony at alanmolony@clenzoil.com or call 813.662.6454. For more information, please visit www.clenzoil.com.

About Clenzoil

We do more than just manufacture a world-class cleaning and maintenance product; we have a heightened sense of responsibility, respect, and caring devotion to everyone that chooses Clenzoil as their preferred product. We have the passion for running this business the right way; all with the intention of satisfying our customers, manufacturing an unparalleled product, and continuing the legacy that is Clenzoil.