Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Catch Something Big with Hobie® Eyewear at ICAST 2024

Oceanside, CA (July 10, 2023)—As ICAST 2024 approaches, Hobie® Eyewear invites attendees to join on Tuesday, July 16th, at the On the Water demo day for "Something Big.” Then, visit Hobie® Eyewear at Booth 1347 from Wednesday to Friday to experience the best and newest performance eyewear. The Floating Collection, including the Everglades Float, Snook Float, and the new Eddy Float, exemplifies Hobie® Eyewear's commitment to innovation and quality.

Hobie® Eyewear has an exciting activation planned at On the Water Day, focusing on demonstrating the features and benefits of The Floating Collection. Attendees can take Hobie kayaks out on the pond while wearing Hobie® Eyewear Floating sunglasses. This hands-on experience allows participants to see firsthand the exceptional performance of The Floating Collection, including a larger-than-life testament to its buoyancy while providing superior clarity and UV protection during water-based activities.

Tuesday: On the Water Day

Kick off ICAST 2024 with Hobie® Eyewear's momentous On the Water Day. Join the team for live demonstrations of their exceptional polarized sunglasses for water sports enthusiasts. Experience the unmatched glare reduction, enhanced visual clarity, and unparalleled comfort that Hobie® Eyewear is known for. Experts will be on-site to offer personalized consultations and help attendees find the perfect pair for all outdoor adventures.

Wednesday & Thursday: Booth Appearances

Visit Booth 1347 for special appearances by renowned angles Hank Cherry, Carl Jocumsen, and Hobie® Eyewear ambassadors. Gain insider tips on fishing techniques, learn about the latest trends in eyewear technology, and discover how Hobie® Eyewear can elevate every outdoor experience. This is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in the fishing community. Wednesday’s events will include a Happy Hour from 4-6 pm in the Hobie® Eyewear booth 1347.

Featured Product: The Float Collection

Hobie® Eyewear proudly presents The Floating Collection, designed for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts who demand superior performance and reliability. This collection features a range of polarized sunglasses with innovative floatable frames, ensuring eyewear stays afloat even if it falls into the water. The Floating Collection boasts polarized lenses that provide exceptional visual clarity and 100% UV protection, safeguarding angler’s eyes from harmful rays. With HydroClean™ 360° coatings, these sunglasses repel water, oil, and dust, keeping vision clear in all conditions. The Floating Collection also includes co-molded Megol rubber and comfort-grip rubber nose pads, providing a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear. Whether fishing, kayaking or simply enjoying a day on the water, the Floating Collection delivers unparalleled performance and peace of mind.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Hobie® Eyewear's latest products and participate in exciting events throughout the week. Discover why Hobie® Eyewear continues to lead the way in performance eyewear for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

About Hobie® Eyewear

As the exclusive licensee for Hobie® Eyewear, Eyeking LLC stands as a multi-generational, award-winning design firm dedicated to crafting and delivering distinctive eyewear globally. Specializing in private label and licensed eyewear, Eyeking LLC fosters the evolution of Hobie® Eyewear, a brand inspired by the legendary waterman Hobie Alter. This sunglasses collection is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, water sports athletes, and those passionate about adventure. Since 1982, our extensive line of performance polarized sunglasses has consistently upheld a legacy of cutting-edge vision technology and design focused on enhancing performance. Committed to excellence and driven by a shared love for enriching outdoor experiences, Eyeking LLC and Hobie® Eyewear jointly shape the future of performance eyewear. Explore the collection at or for more information.