Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Performance Enhancing Recovery Soft Chews for your Sport Dog this Duck Season

(Tallahassee, Florida) Fit N Fetch Outdoors, a up and coming brand of premier pet products that is rapidly becoming the leader in its category, is proud to introduce their organic, grain-free, performance enhancing, CBD Soft Chews. Duck hunters and even whitetail hunters that use their dogs to track, are quickly seeing the benefits of this supplement to help your dog feel its best and achieve optimal performance.

Our bird dogs by any definition are quite literally super athletes. They push themselves to every possible limit every time they head to the field. The exhaustion and strain to their muscles is serious and can lead to muscle damage and a host of other wellness issues. Fit N Fetch Outdoors understands the importance of a recovery supplement to keep your athlete on

top of their game. That is why their product offers organic, grain-free whole-plant hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) to aid in inflammation reduction and recovery time of the working dog.

Their CBD Dog Treats are a premium grade, broad spectrum CBD soft chew that every sport dog needs this waterfowl season. They are manufactured wholly in the United States from natural, performance enhancing ingredients that are simple to digest. The treats also contain Fit N Fetch’s exclusive phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract in a water-soluble powder form, which improves absorption. Because of this, CBD will begin to operate in your dog at a rapid rate. CBD alters how the ECS (Endocanibinoid System) initiates pain and inflammatory responses via the CB receptors, allowing dogs to experience less pain and swelling. With 30 servings per container and priced affordably at just $34.95, these will have your dog will be sleeping better, an improved appetite, less pain, and a quicker recovery after a hunt.

Brad Gratton, Founder of Fit N Fetch Outdoors tells us, “Helping dogs feel and perform their best is our passion. We understand the needs of sport dogs at a fundamental level. It’s our responsibility to keep our dogs protected and both feeling and performing their best. And we’re confident your athlete will perform the best of his career with the help of our recovery supplement.”

We all know the relationship between a man and their hunting dog is unlike any other. A duck hunter and duck dog working together toward a passion driven goal is really special. As you get ready for this season, this is a product you can feel confident giving on a daily basis. For orders and inquiries, please email support@fitnfetchoutdoors.com and for more information or to purchase online, please visit www.fitnfetchoutdoors.com.

About Fit N Fetch Outdoors

Fit N Fetch Outdoors, like discerning dog owners, recognizes the value of high-quality natural ingredients. Starting with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, these soft and chewy snacks are crafted with just the greatest ingredients nature has to offer. For improved bioavailability, these delectable snacks are created with water-soluble CBD powder and other natural components including flaxseed oil, organic sweet potato, and natural bacon taste. You’ll also receive the peace of mind knowing your dog’s treats are third party lab tested for safety and completely THC-free.