Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chestnut Hill Outdoors Retains F-3 Media

Carthage, MO - Chestnut Hill Outdoors is a division of Chestnut Hill Nursery, a nationally recognized leader in the introduction and development of new varieties of nut, fruit and flowering trees. Chestnut Hill Outdoors’ mission is to provide customers with the best varieties and best quality Food Plot Trees and to help them be successful in improving their land and it’s carrying capacity for game and wildlife.

F-3 Media will assist in the growth of the Chestnut Hill Outdoors brand and expand their digital presence by utilizing their award-winning content creation as well as the agency’s digital marketing strategy, social management and ad creation. Utilizing geo targeted direct to consumer advertising F-3 has already helped Chestnut Hill increase sell through on their spring Walmart and Rural King shipments as well as facilitating a dramatic increase in reach and engagement on their social platforms.

Ryan Litwin, F-3 Media VP of Marketing says “The food plot tree market within the already well-established food plot market is a specific segment of hunting land management that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The compliment of adding fruit and nut bearing trees to your plots opens up a whole new world of possibilities and Chestnut Hill is doing some incredible things with hybridization to give hunters a great advantage. We are very excited to make this brand a household name in the outdoor industry!”

Iain Wallace, VP of Chestnut Hill Outdoors adds “F-3 Media has really revolutionized our marketing efforts. Due to the nature of selling live plants, we only ship during certain times of the year. Our distribution to Walmart has increased over the past five years, and although we know the demand for food plot trees is there, the awareness of when and where our trees were in stores wasn't easily communicable. F-3 Media has given us the ability to create a digital presence that communicates directly with our customers through ads geo-targeted directly to the areas we are shipping, information on quantities shipped, store locations, and other pertinent information. This Facebook, Instagram, and other digital avenue presence helps us feel safe that we will be able to continue to use the distribution network like Walmart, Rural King, Co-operative Feed Dealers, etc. effectively to deliver our trees as close to our customer as possible. We feel confident that we will be able to use these new tools to expand our presence to a targeted audience, and increase our sales to those that desire our product.”

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The F-3 Media team believes in telling a brand's story by engaging customers and encouraging them to interact with the brand through robust digital marketing campaigns. In doing so, we specialize in the creation of unique, brand-specific content and the delivery of it through digital media. Our engagement with brands has established a level of digital presence and methodology that sets new standards in the industry. F-3 Media is a full-service agency offering graphics, video production, photography, digital and social management as well as digital brand strategy. With over 40 combined years in the outdoor industry, our team has roots and relationships that run deep and a true passion for helping brands achieve their goals.

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