Wednesday, September 11, 2019

American Hunting Lease Association’s State of Hunter’s Access Report

Leader in hunting lease resources finds majority of hunters feel a sense of obligation to grow and protect the sport of hunting

INDIANAPOLIS - American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) is the industry leader in hunting lease resources and guidance including hunting lease insurance, The AHLA has an impeccable reputation and history of assisting hunters and landowners to ensure they enjoy a safe and ethical hunting lease arrangement, today announced the release of its inaugural report, State of Hunter’s Access. Surveying over 2250 hunters across the United States, the report is designed to better understand the current hunting landscape of public and private land, hunters satisfaction, current trends and goals for the future of hunting.

“AHLA is sincere and committed to improving the hunter’s experience in the U.S. which is why we sought feedback directly from hunter’s - their access preferences and satisfaction with those methods was a natural beginning,” said Sean Ferbrache, COO of AHLA. “We uncovered some interesting findings as a result of the survey and plan to release updated findings every other year. We hope readers can use our report alongside the US Fish and Wildlife Services data to get a clear picture of the hunting industry.”

Among other key takeaways, the survey found the majority of hunters feel a sense of obligation to grow and protect the sport of hunting. Additionally, 98% of hunters leasing access to their hunting property are satisfied with the arrangement and will likely lease again. This is definitive data as this number is validated by two other surveys conducted by Georgia Outdoor Network (GON) and UC Berkeley, which reached the same conclusion.

Ferbrache continued, “The reported decline in hunter numbers has created a ground swell of efforts to reverse the “trend” by recruiting any and all new hunters. It has become stylish and even virtuous to take part in projects and programs that recruit or introduce new hunters to the sport. Of course, the end goal is to grow the sport and ensure hunting is an option for future generations to enjoy; however, the AHLA believes that simply increasing hunter numbers by any means necessary is a short-term strategy. The AHLA is committed to improving the experience of hunting and thus making it more attractive for older hunters to stay engaged and new hunters to see a future that includes spending time pursuing game.”

Other key findings from the report include:

? 76% of hunters hunt merely to enjoy the outdoors and harvesting an animal is a bonus.

? Whitetail deer hunting drives the industry with 95% (pursuing deer).

? Public ground access is a fantastic entry into the sport, 65% of the hunters accessing it are mostly satisfied with their experience and only 1% have stopped hunting due to high pressure.

? Access to private land for free is obviously popular when it is possible, 85% of participants hunting this way are happy with their arrangement. Oddly, 15% are not.

? 77% of the hunters responding have mentored a new hunter in the last 3 years.

? 97% of participants were men. There is a huge opportunity to recruit adult women to the sport.

In addition to sharing industry results and findings, AHLA donated the following amounts to the listed charities as a result of participants requests, Catch-a-Dream Foundation $1200; Ducks Unlimited $275; AHLA Foundation $250; Tree Stand Safety Foundation $200.

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