Friday, May 26, 2023

Time to register for the USA Archery Virtual Symposium

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Registration is open for the 2023 USA Archery Virtual Symposium, which runs across 15 sessions from June 20 to August 15.

Sessions will be bursting with topics that have the largest impact on coaching, training and performance.

On the value of the symposium, USA Archery's Director of Education, Guy Krueger, said, “Usually, the feedback we get is ‘wow, you’ve totally changed my perspective on this area, and impacted our development’.

“Ideally, we try to not just provide information but key takeaways that people can use right after the presentation.”

Symposium Schedule (subject to change)

Series 1: June 20, 8pm ET

ArcheryPath Performance Analytics & Equipment Tuning Optimization - Tom Stevenson

Equipment and Tournament Rules for Archers and Coaches - Kristy Wapniarski and Andy Neville

Series 2: June 22, 7pm ET

Coffee Talk with the National Coaches - Kisik Lee, Chris Webster, and Jonathan Clemins

Coaching for Neurodiversity - Dr. Donna Ricci

Being a Professional Archer - immy Lutz and Danelle Wentzel-Lutz

Series 3: July 18, 5pm, 8pm ET

Understanding Skill Acquisition to Optimize Practice in Archery - Dr. Oliver Runswick

Strength Training to Improve Performance in Archery - Christian Williams

How to Build Community Through Archery Programs - Brad Fiala

Series 4: July 20, 8pm ET

Finding the Balance - Fernando Lopez

Series 5: July 26, 8pm ET

Periodization-Based Training Designs for Archer Athletes: Necessary and Not Sufficient - Kyle Bissell

Coaching Athletes in Competition - Guy Krueger

Series 6: August 2, 8pm ET

Developing Coaching Through Effective Training - Sarah McQuade

Marketing Yourself - Richard Fleming

Series 7: August 15, 8pm ET

Creating Value and Growing Your Program - Brandon Wright

Research-Based Characteristics of Elite Archers - Judi Adams and Dr. Debbie Crews Ketterling

Whether a seasoned professional or just starting out, the USA Archery Virtual Symposium is the perfect opportunity to enhance skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in sports science, psychology, and coaching.