Friday, April 9, 2021

Realtree, Michael Waddell Team Up to Present a Bone to Pick Podcast

Host Michael Waddell has a Bone to Pick with the outdoor industry and its personalities, musicians, and even his closest buddies. In his first ever podcast, “Waddy” asks the tough questions, and holds nothing back. An established outdoorsman and distinct personality, Michael stays tied to his roots, but ventures out to talk to people from all walks of life to share their stories, ask pressing questions, and have a few laughs along the way. Initial guests have included Realtree’s Tyler Jordan, musician Ira Dene, and legendary wrestler The Undertaker. Episode topics and discussions vary significantly from off-the-wall subjects to some of the most debated issues in today’s news. Regardless of the general topics being discussed, one thing is certain: Michael will let you know what he is thinking and will ask his guests to do the same.

Michael got his start in the hunting industry by winning a Realtree turkey calling contest, and from there he started guiding and filming hunts as a member of the Realtree team. The idea for “Realtree Road Trips” was born a few years later. Michael has been instrumental in leaving his mark on the Realtree brand, the outdoor industry, and his own current operation, Bone Collector. As a lifelong friend and partner of Realtree, Michael and the gang got together and decided nothing would be more fun than to call up some friends, have some candid conversations, and make those discussions available for an extensive network of outdoor enthusiasts to listen in on the Bone to Pick podcast.

While Michael stays active and on the road, the initial podcast was filmed at Realtree’s headquarters in Columbus, GA. Things just would not have felt right if Michael didn’t cruise around to catch up with old friends and “help” around the office, while he was there. You can catch some of Michael’s “work” in action with the Realtree team, along with full episodes of the Bone to Pick podcast online. Expect some laughs, brutal honesty, and the authentic nature that has drawn many to both Michael and the Realtree brand for a shared appreciation tied to our family, friends, and the outdoors. Visit for full podcast episodes, Realtree’s “Around the Office” clips, and a chockfull assortment of outdoor content.