Tuesday, March 10, 2020

World’s Most Advanced Hunting Shaft — 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ

Available now—visit your archery dealer today.

Arrow penetration is vital when it comes to successful big game hunting, yet without precise shot placement, penetration alone will not seal the deal. Easton is offering a truly unique shaft that answers these needs for the world’s most demanding bowhunters—the T64 Full Metal Jacket—an arrow that promises more penetration with the highest level of FOC accuracy.

The T64 FMJ shaft profile begins at the front with a 6MM diameter that seamlessly tapers down to a micro-diameter 4MM at the nock end. The integrated front-of-center weight distribution adds up to 30% more FOC for the best in exacting long-range accuracy. For lethal big game results, the rear taper creates a reduced-friction path for maximum penetration. Couple these new improvements with FMJ's track record of field-proven success, and the Easton T64 now sets a completely new benchmark for bow hunting effectiveness. The T-64 FMJ is available now, see your local Easton dealer for availability.

  • Straightened to the highest industry specifications and is coaxially aligned to ± 3 milliradians to produce the most precision available today.
  • Built-in FOC—front taper adds up to 30% more FOC.
  • Available in two deflection factor sizes that cover the full range of arrow spines from 400 through 300 and shaft lengths from 26” to 32”
  • RPS Inserts with 8-32 point and broadhead compatibility

Visit www.eastonarchery.com to see the innovative T64 and the full line of FMJ premium hunting arrows.

Media Contact: Taylor Woodruff