Friday, October 16, 2020

Prym1 Camo Supports ’The Sporting Life Podcast’

COUNCE, TENNESSEE (October 2020) - Prym1 Camo partners with The Outdoor Group, Inc. 'The Sporting Life’ podcast.

The Sporting Life Podcast is presented by The Outdoor Group Inc. While there are a number of podcasts to listen to in the hunting and fishing genre, the daily episodes of The Sporting Life Podcast are unique in that listeners are entertained and informed by industry celebrities that have a passion for hunting, fishing and the sporting lifestyle.

Bob Svetich, Host/Executive Producer of The Sporting Life podcast comments: “ I am blessed to have Prym1 Camo align with the “bowhunter” episode on our podcast. They have a long standing business working relationship with co-host Joe Thomas, so I feel like we’re now all one happy family working together in an industry we love”.

Stacie Walker, Founder of Prym1 Camo comments: “As we move forward in the digital world, audio is becoming much more important in our busy lives. 73 million Americans, (26% of the US population) listen to podcasts monthly, and 48 million (17% of US population) people listen weekly - the facts don’t lie! I personally love the format of podcasts, giving you a deeper dive into many subjects, giving valuable information/entertainment right at your fingertips! Here at Prym1 camo we want to give our followers the opportunity to hear the very best outdoor/hunting podcasts straight from our website, that’s why we partnered with ’The Sporting Life podcast’.

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