Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Walther Showcases Kentucky Gun Company in the “Beyond the Counter” Series

Beyond the Counter” Series

FORT SMITH, Ark. – In the fourth video of the Beyond the Counter series, Patrick Hayden, employee of the Kentucky Gun Company, shares his experience of creating a business focused on serving their customers to ensure they have everything they need to feel confident, to be safe, and to enjoy their time on the range.

Kentucky Gun Company is a family-owned business that has built a sterling reputation for its commitment to providing high-quality firearms and accessories to its customers. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a first-time gun owner, you can find a vast selection of firearms and accessories to cater to your needs.

“Regardless of your expertise, each time you purchase a new firearm, there’s an adjustment period as you get comfortable with it. For brand new firearm owners, I share three pieces of advice: learn about your firearm and how to use it, take a safety course, and lastly, have a safe, secure place to store it,” said Patrick Hayden of Kentucky Gun Company. “Working with a strong company like Walther, makes our part much easier in being able to help our customers have positive experiences in the store and on the range. Not only do they make high-quality products, but they stand behind them as well, especially with their 30-day money-back guarantee and warranties. They also stand behind us as dealers, which shows their commitment to our team and our customers.”

Beyond the Counter is not just a series about firearms and gear; it’s about the people who make these stores special.

“It’s important to our company that we are able to utilize the knowledge and expertise of our local dealer partners, especially when it comes to new firearms owners. Our dealers not only represent the Walther brand, but they’re a trust resource,” said Nick Gutierrez, dealer/buy group channel manager at Walther Arms. “When it comes to helping our consumers, they’re able to point them in the right direction and recommend the best product line for their needs. Whether it’s in the PDP family, the WMP, a PPK, or for competitive shooting, our dealers are typically the first encounter, which is why it’s invaluable to work with partners like the ones we have at the Kentucky Gun Company.

In the coming months, the Beyond the Counter series will uncover more stories from behind the counters of trusted firearms retailers across the country.

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