Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Give the Gift of a Field Ethos Journal Subscription

Everywhere, USA. –– Field Ethos is reminding everyone that when it comes to gift giving, it is the thought that counts. So, this holiday season, when you are thinking about your friends and family, and you think of those guys that may have lost their edge, think about getting them a subscription to Field Ethos Print Journal.

“We all have that one friend” said Mike Schoby, Field Ethos COO. “You know, that guy that has to ask permission to do anything. Who rarely goes hunting anymore. Adventures are a thing of the past. Who shushes you when you’re reminiscing about that one time in Vegas with those girls, because his wife might hear you. That guy needs this journal.”

Field Ethos Journal is the premier publication for the sporting lifestyle. It contains stories of adventure, perspectives born in the field, and the latest products that contribute to success when it counts. Everything a man needs to reignite their primal instincts and stop being such a sis.

The deadline for subscribing and still receiving volume 4 is November 23rd. Those wishing to subscribe can do so here.

Anyone interested in copies of passed issues can find them here.

More information on Field Ethos Journal, the team, merchandise and products, subscriptions and everything else FE is available at

About Field Ethos

We’re relics—old school adventurers that make no apologies for

who we are. We’re men of global experience with the confidence to explore the uncharted places. At first light, we’re masters of logistics; by sundown we’re whiskey-fueled philosophers by a campfire.

We’re gearheads too. We like the best of everything and if we can’t wear it out or break it then nobody can. We’re handy with guns, knives, tents, backpacks, boots, and everything in between. We’re constantly looking for the next piece of kit to enhance everyday life or make the next adventure a better experience.

But we don’t journey alone. We include our audience in everything we do. We offer our perspective and learn from theirs. We bring readers, listeners, watchers and followers into our conversations and give them a chance to become storytellers through our brand. By creating rich content across platforms in print, online, film, social media and on the Field Ethos podcast, we’re bringing back a forgotten lifestyle to those who refuse to conform.

We are Field Ethos.

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