Friday, June 21, 2024

Elite Archery Unveils the New Flex Recurve Bow

Elite Archery is proud to announce the launch of the Elite Flex Recurve Bow, an innovative addition to their renowned line of high-performance archery equipment. Taking the traditional bow to new levels of innovation, the Elite Flex brings the well known Elite Shootability to traditional archers with an unprecedented level of customization to suit individual shooting styles and preferences, paired with the traditional recurve design for maximum adaptability and precision.

A New Standard in Versatility

At the heart of the Elite Flex Recurve Bow is the patent-pending Adjustable Riser Configuration (ARC) technology, which provides the most versatile setup on the market. Archers can choose to configure a single riser axle-to-axle (ATA) 19” or 17” length by adjusting the limb pocket position, allowing for total length options of 58”, 60”, 62”, or 64” with short, medium, or long limb choices. This flexibility ensures the bow can be perfectly tuned for any shooting scenario, whether for target practice or competition.

"We love all aspects of archery and saw a desire for innovation in the recurve market while keeping a traditional feel. The Flex is a result of our desire to make products better and more user friendly for the consumer to elevate their archery experience," said Josh Sidebottom, COO of The Outdoor Group.

Innovative Features for Optimal Performance

  • ARC Technology: The adjustable riser configuration allows for extensive customization, ensuring the perfect fit and balance for each archer.
  • Two Bows in One: The Flex offers the ability to switch between a 17” riser or 19” riser and three limb combinations, effectively providing two bows in one, a first in the industry.
  • 28% Draw Weight Adjustment: Archers can fine-tune their draw weight by approximately 28%, adjusting for both increase and decrease from the nominal weight with each limb option.
  • Adjustable Tiller: Adjusting the limb bolt on one side of the bow will allow the archer to fine tune the tiller of their bow to their preferred position.
  • Adjustable & Removable Shelf: This feature provides further micro-tuning capabilities for optimal arrow flight, accommodating various shooting styles and arrow setups. The shelf can also be removed for use with a stick-on or bolt-on rest with a plunger. The crowned design minimizes contact with the arrow, enhancing accuracy.
  • Linear ILF Adjustment Blocks: These blocks ensure maximum limb string alignment, resulting in a comfortable and accurate shooting experience.
  • Carbon Fiber Limbs: Featuring a flexible bamboo core, these limbs guarantee a smooth draw cycle and optimal arrow speed. The ILF limb connection also allows archers to use their preferred ILF limbs, adding to the bow's versatility.

"The Flex Recurve has been years in the making, we are excited to bring innovation and adjustability into the recurve market. ARC technology and the adjustable riser shelf makes tuning and shooting a recurve more enjoyable than ever," said Josh Sidebottom, COO.

Stylish and Functional

The Elite Flex Recurve Bow is available in 19 color and camo pattern options, including both hunting solid and competitive colors. This range of choices ensures that archers can find a bow that not only performs exceptionally but also matches their personal style.

"We are really proud to introduce the new FLEX recurve from Elite. Our engineering team spent years refining this design to bring innovation with this bow and the adjustability that Elite has become known for," added Josh Sidebottom, COO.

Unmatched Customization and Comfort

The extensive adjustability of the Flex Recurve Bow, from the riser options to the draw weight adjustments, allows archers to tailor the bow to their specific shooting style with ease. The combination of carbon bamboo core limbs with the flexibility to use preferred ILF limbs ensures a smooth, quiet shot every time. All these features contribute to a highly customizable and comfortable shooting experience, embodying the Shootability Elite Archery is known for.

Pricing and Availability

The Flex Recurve Bow is offered at the following manufacturer suggested retail prices:

Flex, Riser + Limbs + (2) Strings:
o Standard Colors: MSRP $1,099.99 o Target Colors: MSRP $1,199.99

Flex, Riser Only:
o Standard Colors: MSRP $649.99o Target Colors: MSRP $749.99

  • Flex, Limb Kits: MSRP $499.99 (available in short, medium, or long limb options)
  • The Elite Flex Recurve Bow is now available for purchase at authorized Elite Archery dealers and on the company’s website at