Thursday, October 14, 2021

New for 2021 Millennium Marine B-100 Camo Boat Seat

Pearl, MS - Waterfowl hunters looking for maximum comfort, durability, and concealment in their boat seats need look no further than the New for 2021 Millennium Marine B-100 Camo Boat Seats in Mossy Oak® Bottomland® and Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass® Habitat™ camouflage.

Millennium Marine’s B-100 Camo Boat Seats feature the company's legendary ComfortMAX breathable seat fabric, which has been designed for years of use and abuse and is modeled after Millennium's state-of-the-art deer hunting stand seats. It features ComfortMAX contouring for unmatched coziness, with optional arm rest straps and cables for additional comfort. You can say goodbye to wet seats with this innovative seat design. It will not hold dew on early-morning trips, drains water even in a downpour, and dries quickly. And unlike rubber and foam seats that break down and rot over time, in inclement weather and under the sun's UV rays, the ComfortMAX seat has been treated for mold, mildew, and UV resistance, so it will stand up to all temperatures and weather conditions.

The B-100 Camo Boat Seats measures 16 inches high x 19 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep, has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs., and weighs just 7.4 lbs. The seat features reinforced anodized aluminum frames, built tough to handle the rigors of everyday use in harsh environments. It also folds flatter than any competitors' seats, so they are completely out of the way when need be. They can be mounted to any standard boat seat pedestal.

The new B-100 Camo Boat Seats is an extension of the partnership between outdoor industry powerhouses Millennium Outdoors and Mossy Oak®. "We formed a great alliance this past spring with the introduction of our Field Pro and Run & Gun turkey seats covered in Mossy Oak® Obsession camouflage," said Ed Welsh, President/CEO of Millennium Outdoors. "We then extended our relationship into the fishing world with our B-301 Mossy Oak® Red Hook Seat. These best-in-class camo boat seats are a logical next step in what is proving to be a very popular and successful relationship."

The new B-100 Camo Seats are available in Mossy Oak® Bottomland® and Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass® Habitat™ camouflage MSRP is $149.99. Millennium Marine stands behind every B-Series seat with a 1-year warranty.

B-100 Camo Boat Seat Features:

  • All-day comfort
  • 400 lb. capacity
  • ComfortMAX contoured, tight sling seat
  • Breathable, cool fabric promotes fast drying
  • UV resistant to sun and elements
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • All aluminum construction
  • No plastic components
  • Folds flatter than competitors' seats
  • Mounts to any boat seat pedestal
  • Includes mounting bolts
  • Includes interchangeable cables and arm rest straps
  • Patented Design
  • 1-year warranty


B-100 Boat Seat Specifications:

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.
  • Seat Size: 16.5" H x 19" W x 16.15” L
  • MSRP: $149.99

At Millennium Outdoors, manufacturer of Millennium Treestands, OL'MAN Treestands, and Millennium Marine, we are committed to ensuring each hunter and angler can make the most out of every season, from the big bucks in the fall to gobblers in the spring, from redfish on flats to crappie and bass in lakes, and every species and season in between. From innovative hang-on and ladder stands to ground blind chairs, fishing seats, and rod holders, Millennium Outdoors and its brands are dedicated to providing quality products to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Millennium's reputation has been built on comfort, safety, quality, and versatility that hunters and anglers recognize and appreciate.

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