Friday, May 13, 2022

SK Customs Releases Type 2 of U.S. Mint American Eagle Tribute Glock 45 Limited Edition Series

HAYMARKET, VA – SK Customs is proud to introduce thelimited-edition U.S. Mint American Eagle Tribute Glock 45 Type 2 handgun, the second of a two-part series with the phrase “In God We Trust” featured on each side of the grip.

SK Guns has custom built 21 guns of this version of the Glock 45 commemorating the U.S. Mint’s launch of the newest American Eagle Silver Dollar. Each pistol will be accompanied by a brilliant, uncirculated “West Point Minted” American Eagle Type 2 Silver Dollar which bears the “W” mint mark and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by David J. Ryder, former Director of the U.S. Mint.

“We are thrilled to offer the second edition of the U.S. Mint American Eagle Tribute Glock 45, because the Type 1 version that we ran in 2021 sold out in just hours,” said Simon Khibani, owner and founder of SK Guns and SK Customs.

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About SK Guns/SK Customs

With over 20 years building private custom firearms, we have changed the future in being the industry’s first leader of custom, limited-edition, series driven production of manufactured collectable firearms. The SK Guns® brand has taken the next step to further deliver our vision on what custom limited-edition means to us.

Through a strategic rebranding, the SK Arms VA® and SK Customs® brands now fall under the new name, SK Guns®. Expanding on our brands and locations gives our firearms more opportunity to reach our collectors and dealers. SK Guns® has expanded their capabilities to manufacture “Uniquely Custom®" firearms with a level of unmatched quality and artist conceptual values never seen before

Media Contact: Jonathan Harling, SK Guns ?