Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Traditions of Hunting Opening Day

San Antonio, TX (November 23, 2022) - Traditional opening day hunts or traditions in general, honestly, are something I feel are very exciting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, family reunions, whatever it may be, a lot of people look forward to bringing likeminded folks together.

The opening day of any hunting season is a big day for me and all our team. We always circle those dates on our calendar and in some cases plan and prepare for months. Hunting season openers are often seeped in traditions that can range from camping at the same spot, hunting with the same group, using a firearm that’s been passed down for generations as well as many others.

Our Opening Day Traditions

The Wendlandt ranch holds some long-term history and memories for us when it comes to Texas Deer season. I can’t recall just how many years in a row we’ve been there to open the Texas season but it’s well over a decade now. We’ve killed some big deer, and we’ve killed some little bitty deer, we’ve tested new products, we’ve certainly told a lot of fishing lies around the breakfast table while eating pancakes and little Smokies sausages, we’ve also watched football games, tossed washers, and for sure played a lot of golf.

One cool thing about staying at the Wendlandt Ranch is that we get to stay in this old house that’s been there for well over 100 years. Our food can range from meals Angel has pre-made and sends up to camp with us, all the way to having a fish fry with fish caught earlier in the year, to grilling venison or steaks with a mix of fudge brownies and apple pies.

All of that is a result of the many years we’ve spent doing this, and we still talk about those golf matches and cookouts, but it all comes back to deer hunting and whether we take down a big buck or just fill the freezer we’ll certainly gossip, tell stories, and enjoy what a good ole deer camp is about. Which at the end of the day, is that we’re gathered here because we love deer hunting, and the tradition of hunting deer on opening weekend brings us all together to enjoy all the other things.

Below are a few hunts that bring back some fond memories of Opening Weekend at the Wendlandt Ranch! What traditions do you have for opening day?

Hunting Whitetail with a .44 Magnum

Crossbow Hunting on Opening Day


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