Thursday, June 10, 2021

Jebs Choke Tubes Sees “Unprecedented Growth”

(Hazlehurst, GA) JEBS Choke Tubes, the world’s most trusted choke tubes has continued its strong trajectory this year as evidenced by overwhelming growth for three consecutive quarters. Sometimes, good things come out of bad situations. In the case of the pandemic, people started spending more time outdoors and decided they liked it there. There’s been an increase in hunting activities across the board, and Jebs has just the product for you whether you’re a novice sportsman or seasoned outdoorsman.

Jebs has achieved this growth over the past year by supporting mass and independent dealers, online retailers, and introducing new buying group members to the mix. Consumer acquisitions from across the country added to Jeb’s profitability, a direct result of continuing to add new and innovative product offerings like the black Nitride chokes that continue to grow in popularity.

Additionally, Jebs has entered into a partnership with Murski Breeding that has been extremely advantageous. Murski Breeding is one of the top manufacturers rep groups whose territory extends over five regions, 37 states, and who has been a leader in the outdoor industry for over 60 years. Jebs looks forward to continuing to grow and strengthen this relationship. Conversely, JEBS TALO reps Bentley-Scott, continue to increase JEBS presence on store shelves throughout their territory.

Bobby Sears, Owner and Founder of Jebs Choke Tubes told us, “We’re proud that Jebs has grown the be a brand people know and trust. Very simply, I think our growth can be attrituted to that. Your shotgun is only as good as your choke tube, and once people use ours they find that they’re shooting better, tighter, more accurate patterns. This is what we love, and we look forward to continuing to grow and serve our loyal customers and dealer base.”

The company remains deeply committed to its consumers and retailers. As is company policy, listening and supporting customer feedback gives the company a clear path forward. Taking those suggestions and being able to bring new products to life will continue to build the relationships and increase the company’s footprints in the outdoor industry.

For orders or inquiries, please contact Bobby Sears at or call 912.375.5456. For more information, please visit

About JEBS Chokes

JEBS Chokes currently holds the still target World Record. With their exclusive, patented choke sizes JEBS Chokes were developed out of necessity for better patterning and an increased shot load on target. Today, JEBS manufactures chokes for every shooting sport; from sporting clays to turkey hunting, upland bird hunting to dove shooting. Prized for its reliability of selected material, the lifetime guarantee and innovative technology of JEBS choke is quickly becoming the “Go-To” choke tube for the serious shotgunner.

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