Thursday, December 17, 2020

New Capsule Game Feeders

Capsule Game Feeders by Outdoor Products Innovations (OPI) illustrates the evolution, the reverse engineering, that the wildlife and hunting community is so famous for. Until you witness Capsules in action where whitetail deer and black bears overlap, it is difficult to project how these marvels completely solve so many problems.

Capsule’s best-in-class designation starts at the top by owning the convenience benefit. When compared to the difficult and dangerous acts of filling suspended pipe-leg feeders, Capsules offer super-easy “one-riot, one-ranger” refill operation. So much convenience that the tough and durable (rotomolded), ground-based Capsule design could completely eliminate pipe-leg feeders once the most recent generation of tri- and quadpod deer feeders age out of service.

Capsule’s patented, auger-driven technology lifts shelled corn and protien pellets to the dispenser, which makes it virtually impossible for manipulating varmints to steal feed. The powerhead for each unit features an American-made motor, state-of-the-art digital timer (5-year warranty), solar panel and battery kit, with spin-feed hardware that’s built for bear resistance. Some units are designed to attach inside scrap truck tires (not included), to prevent hogs and larger vermin from toppling them.

There is an array of sizes, from the 55-gallon DIY barrel feeder kit at $399.99, to the $1,299.99 Original Deluxe Capsule Game Feeder that stores and casts 1,000 pounds of feed.

Check out the Capsule by visiting, writing or calling (888) 507-2021. Video of these game-changing products in action is available at the OPI website and on YouTube.

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