Tuesday, May 4, 2021

MonsterMeal gets Improved Product Branding and Identification

LaVergne, TN – New for 2021, every category of MonsterMeal® will benefit from a new brand appearance and color-coded packaging.

“We have always gotten compliments on our product packaging and presentation, so any change had to be meaningful and a drastic improvement. I inherited a great brand, but it was time for a change.” says Blake Davis, Brand Manager for MonsterMeal®.

“One of the hiccups we had was that our “Attractant” and or “Mineral Attractant” were both sold in similar packaging and size. We had customers who inadvertently purchased the wrong product due to this similarity. The solution was a simple name change and color-coded product by category. Mineral Attractant is now Mineral “Supplement”. We also made all protein product packaging with vibrant green accents, the attractant series in a golden yellow hue and the mineral supplements will carry the familiar orange highlights that the original brand is known for. The new brand text is also a bolder, more prominent design. In the end, they are the same great products with a better brand presentation to the consumer.”

Check out the full line of MonsterMeal® branded products and gear at www.monster-meal.com.

About MonsterMeal®
MonsterMeal® Wildlife Feed and Attractants is dedicated to animal nutrition. MonsterMeal® provides the best results for your herd and your hunt by leveraging 75 years of experience in formulating high quality animal feed. When you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal®. Animal Attraction. Premium Nutrition. Superior Results.