Friday, March 15, 2019

Boyds Gunstocks Introduces New Thumbhole At-One Gunstock

If there’s one thing Boyds Gunstocks is good at, it’s making the highest quality wood gunstocks on the market. Boyd’s famous thumbhole gunstock continues to be the industry leader for aftermarket stock upgrades for sporting shooters and hunters alike. And with the introduction of the At-One model, Boyds forever changed the game for customizable wood gunstocks. So what could be better than the top performing and most customizable aftermarket gunstocks? Combining them, of course! Boyds is proud to introduce the new Thumbhole At-One gunstock.

The thumbhole technology that made Boyds famous offers the most beautiful and comfortable gunstock available today. The At-One gunstock allows users the ability to adjust the butt and comb of the stock with the push of a button for ultimate comfort and precision. Combining these two technologies has created the most comfortable, reliable, and accurate gunstock Boyds has ever produced. Personalize your new Thumbhole At-One with the grips, forends, and combs of your choosing for the ultimate in comfort, style, and shootability.

Boyds Knows Gunstocks

At Boyds, the only acceptable gunstock is a hardwood gunstock. Boyds uses only top-grade hardwoods that are built to precise specifications. This ensures each user they are getting a true, made in America, craftsman gunstock that will perform for years to come. Boyds stocks are engineering to perfectly fit each specific gun model for superior performance and accuracy you can measure.

Users can build and customize the stock of your choosing. With endless shape and color options, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to turn your firearm into a one of a kind masterpiece. Whether you’re going for simple and subtle or bright and bold, your firearm will make a statement and become a true reflection of your individual personality. Give your firearm the ultimate upgrade with the new Thumbhole At-One from Boyds Gunstocks.

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