Friday, January 21, 2022

CenterPoint Archery’s Line of 2022 Crossbows


Introducing CenterPoint Archery’s Line of 2022 Crossbows

SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN—The CenterPoint Archery crew of 2022 crossbows is a class of budget friendly yet feature rich models that fire at velocities of up to 430 feet-per-second, include silent cranking, and come as sleek as 8-inches wide, axle-to-axle. Whether you’re a first-time crossbow hunter or a seasoned outdoorsperson, CenterPoint has you covered.

The new Wrath 430X is the fastest of the new crop, shooting up to 430 feet-per-second (FPS) with an inverted cam design that pumps out 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Matched with a folding stock and stirrup, the Wrath 430X is one of the most compact crossbows on the market. MSRP $699.99

The sleek, compact, and supremely maneuverable Tradition 405 delivers an astounding amount of power and accuracy—shooting 405 FPS and generating 146-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Its integrated Whisper Silencing System ensures ultimate noise reduction and vibration control, giving bow hunters stealth and confidence when in the field. MSRP $449.99

Delivering unmatched performance and value, the new CenterPoint Hellion 400 packs in the premium features hunters and shooters expect from far more expensive crossbows. Measuring only 8 inches wide axle-to-axle fully cocked and featuring an adjustable buttstock, this bow presents a slim profile and shoots at an astounding 400 FPS, proving it’s far more than your standard crossbow. MSRP $899.99

The new Dagger 405 pushes the evolution of crossbow performance even further for CenterPoint. With an adjustable buttstock and other premium features, the Dagger proves an ergonomically perfect fit for hunters and shooters. Between its ripping 405 FPS speed and the Whisper Silencing System, the game won’t know what’s coming. MSRP $399.99

For those seeking a budget-friendly introduction to crossbows that doesn’t sacrifice modern features, the Amped 425 with Silent Crank hits the bullseye. Its full-bearing cam system yields smooth transfer of energy at the shot. With a fully adjustable stock for comfort and proper shooting alignment, this model presents an all-inclusive option at under $500. MSRP $499.99

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Take your best shot with CenterPoint. Headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin, CenterPoint manufacturers high performance, feature-packed, affordable crossbows, and accessories as well as youth and adult archery products. For more information, visit


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