Tuesday, January 14, 2020

MOJO's Flock A Flicker and Dove A Flicher Granted Patent Coverage

MOJO® announced today that they had been awarded a patent covering the concept and mechanisms of their popular Flock A Flicker® and Dove A Flicker® Products.

Both of these products represent a revolutionary advancement to the concept of attracting certain birds by simulating the flashes given off by real birds that allow birds of like kind to find each other.

These products are designed to simulate the short, random, intermittent flashes given off by wing movement of ducks, doves, pigeons and other birds, whether on the water or dry land. They are a much more realistic representation of the actual birds than is given by the typical spinning wing decoy.

As most waterfowl hunters know, the strobe that represents these “flashes” can be seen by birds from much greater distances as they can see simple movement or motion.

Intended to be scattered through out static type decoys, they make the decoy spread come alive.

“Waterfowl and game birds such as dove, when hunted, will eventually learn to detect any device used to lure them to danger, requiring a new and a more realistic look to fool them,” says Terry Denmon, President & CEO of MOJO Outdoors. “This requires not just a new or different look, but one that actually simulates real birds. Add the long-range attraction of the flash or strobe given off by the spinning wing decoy in a more realistic appearance takes the concept to a whole new and effective level.”

MOJO® also owns a variety of patents that apply to intermittent motion and first-of-its-kind technology pertaining to waterfowl, predator and turkey decoys. To view the complete list, visit www.mojooutdoors.com/patents.

Need for new concepts and efficiency in the field is ever-growing and MOJO® is proud to remain the go-to decoy company to provide the solutions.

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