Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kahr Firearms Group Hosts the Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Fest

Greeley, PA: Kahr Firearms Group is proud to host this year’s “Rod of Iron Freedom Festival”, at the Greeley, PA, Kahr Headquarters facility. From October 7-9, an all-star list of over 30 patriot celebrities and shooting experts will be in attendance, including Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Mark Walters, Alan Keyes, Kelly Ann Pidgeon, Cheryl Chumley, Corey Brookes, Mel K, Trevor Loudon, Pastor HJ Sean Moon, and Amanda Suffecool. Events will include speeches and seminars by guest presenters, a music festival, training opportunities, a gun raffle/auction, a machine gun shoot, and a patriotic fireworks display. The adjacent Tommy Gun Warehouse will also be open for retail shopping. Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, the Freedom Fest takes advantage of the fall season to offer a great outdoor venue for patriots and shooters to gather in celebration of their American freedoms. The fall foliage will be in full bloom, lending amazing landscape to the backdrop. The food, fellowship, and celebratory atmosphere make this a must-attend for anyone interested in expressing their support for liberty. Justin Moon, CEO of Kahr Firearms Group, commented on this year’s Freedom Fest, saying “..since we started having the Freedom Fest at Kahr HQ, attendance has doubled every year. I am once again thrilled to host this important event promoting the Second Amendment, and patriotic causes. As I have often said, my family directly experienced the brutality of communist oppression during the Korean War. The Freedom Fest is our way of thanking America for our liberty, and showing our company stands in solidarity with all Americans to preserve our God given rights.” To view all of the details of the Freedom Fest, visit https://www.rodofironfreedomfestival.org/. Tickets are free. Attendees can also enter a drawing to win a Thompson “Trump” AR-15!

A Weekend of Fun and Freedom

Each day of the Freedom Festival offers a unique mix of fun opportunities and celebrations of American freedom. On Friday, October 7th, there will be an all-day conference focused on issues of concern to all American patriots. The evening will feature music and barbecue, along with a tribute to America’s fallen heroes. On Saturday, October 8th, there will be a parachute jump, speakers on pro-gun and patriotic issues, seminars, and a gun auction. Awards will be presented for conservative and pro-gun activism, followed by a concert and fireworks show. On Sunday, October 9th, there will be further speakers addressing 2nd Amendment issues, and current events. A music festival will highlight the evening, followed by a closing bonfire and ceremonies. Throughout the entire weekend food, a merchant court, and the shooting range will be available for visitors. To view the complete schedule, visit https://www.rodofironfreedomfestival.org/schedule.


The Kahr Family

Kahr Arms revolutionized the handgun market in 1994 with the introduction of the K9, the first mass production subcompact 9mm pistol. Kahr went on to develop a diverse family of compact pistols in 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and .380 ACP calibers. Since that time the brand has broadened the Kahr Firearms Group family to include Magnum Research, legendary maker of the Desert Eagle, BFR, MR1911, and SwitchBolt rifle; and Auto-Ordnance, maker of the all-American Tommy Gun, M1 Carbine, and 1911. The Kahr Firearms Group family delivers exceptional quality across a diverse range of products. Kahr Firearms Group has a dedicated team of professionals making the best firearms available to the American Shooter!

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