Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Rapid Mobile Shower by Scent Crusher®

Wichita, KS - Scent Crusher® is proud to announce the release of the first-ever, Rapid Mobile Shower. This on-the-go dry shower will have you scent-free by the time you reach the field. This chemical-free Scent Crusher® product is the fastest way to eliminate contaminants and bacteria effortlessly. Hit the field ready to hunt no matter whether you’re coming from home, the gym, or a long day of work. With the Rapid Mobile Shower, a hunter can ensure their skin and clothes are odor-free in minutes.

There is nothing on the market like it! Using ozone technology, you will rid the scent of the human body while driving to your stand without even changing clothes. Our NEW one-size-fits-most suit will have you ready to hit the field the moment you step out of your vehicle. Use the included digital maintenance-free ozone generator with attached hoses for recommended ozone penetration to become scent-free.

This product is a lightweight 2-pound suit. The Rapid Mobile Shower includes a maintenance-free digital ozone generator and is equipped with heavy-duty zippers, adjustable closures, and leak-free fabric. Plug the suit in using the included 110v AC or 12v DC cords and let the suit do the work! We have given the hunter the easiest way from work to the stand with no equipment utilizing every minute of daylight. Scent Off. Game On.


Scent Crusher® products are a complete scent elimination system. Based on research from NASA, this system was developed using an exceptionally effective Ozone Generator that is 100% chemical-free and effectively removes scent and odors from your gear. Scent Crusher® ozone generators produce on-demand ozone which is attracted to bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. The ozone attacks and destroys scent and bacteria through oxidation, then converts it safely back into oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free. For more information, visit Scent Crusher.com.

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