Tuesday, January 14, 2020

TWN Launches ERA3 Water Transfer Printing Film for SHOT Show 2020

Shot Show 2020 is only 1 week away! This year we have a very special launch just in time for the show. Introducing E3D, a patent-pending design created by ERA3 [Er-Uh-Three]. This striking geometric camouflage turns the industry on its head due to its radical, unorthodox design.

The E3D pattern is not about hiding in the brush, it was designed to confuse a tracking enemy and throw them off your range, speed, and trajectory.

Learn more about ERA3 here: TWN Launches ERA3 Hydro Dip Film.

Coat Your Products in E3D Camo

Want to see samples of your product coated in E3D Camo? Contact us here: https://watertransferprinting.com/contact/

Get Started with Water Transfer Printing

TWN provides Water Transfer Printing equipment, training, and supplies to manufacturers who wish to customize their products.

We can help you integrate Water Transfer Printing technology into your existing production line or find a TWN Certified Processor who can provide decorating services. Our surface coating process will help you differentiate your products and give your company a competitive edge in today's market.

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