Thursday, September 21, 2023

AmmoSquared Partners with Aegis Gun Care

AmmoSquared Inc., the online ammunition service that is changing the way gun owners buy, store, and invest in ammunition, proudly announces a new collaboration with Aegis Gun Care Inc., a company that share’s AmmoSquared’s desire to innovate in the firearms industry. This partnership, formed under AmmoSquared's new Brand Integration Program, signifies both companies' commitment to offering access to unique and innovative products and services.

Aegis Gun Care stands at the forefront of firearms maintenance, offering top-tier cleaning and lubrication products designed for today's firearms enthusiasts. This partnership will introduce both companies’ customer bases to a wider array of firearms related resources, increasing the options available to members of the firearm community.

AmmoSquared CEO Dan Morton remarked, "Aegis Gun Care shares our passion for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are thrilled that Aegis Gun Care will be integrating our offer with their outstanding products."

As AmmoSquared continues to expand its partner ecosystem, collaborations like this reinforce its commitment to bringing innovation and value to its members. Customers of both brands can look forward to exclusive deals, insights, and benefits as a result of this partnership.

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