Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Buck Collector Plus by Flextone

Grand Prairie, TX - Flextone's new Buck Collector call is the most versatile call created yet. Every whitetail hunter knows the importance of being versatile when pursuing North America's most challenging and intelligent big game animal. There are times a simple grunt is all you need to stop a buck dead in his tracks. But more often than not, the hunter may need an array of sounds to bring that once in a lifetime buck into range. Flextone's Buck Collector Plus arms you with the ability to switch tones, volume, and inflection, making it the most versatile call on the market.

Deer vocalize in several different ways, and very seldom is it the same every time. Being able to adapt to your situation when the golden moment arrives can be the difference in a buck of a lifetime or just another story of the one that gave you the slip. Big bucks are big bucks for a reason as they become educated over the years and are very wary of noises that don't sound natural. This can make using a game call intimidating for beginners. The Buck Collector Plus is designed for both experts and beginners making the technique as simple as possible.

With its Tru-Touch buttons, you will get the right call, and the perfect call every time. The True-Touch buttons allow you to transition through buck growls, fawn and doe bleats seamlessly. The soft, flexible exterior makes this call easy to manipulate for natural sounds that change in tone and inflection. The Buck Collector Plus call enables you to mimic the sounds of rutting bucks, and hot does all in one, making this a must-have call for whitetail hunters looking for an edge.

Don't get caught in the woods again with a one-dimensional call, be versatile and be prepared to notch that tag this season by using Flextone's Buck Collector Plus game call.

Flextone Buck Collector Plus Specs:

  • Grunts, growl, bleat, bawl and snort wheezes

  • Perfect fawn and doe sounds

  • Tru-Touch® buttons for easy operation

Flextone© Game Calls are designed to more accurately mimic the anatomy of a game animal by using both hard and soft flexible parts. They incorporated a hard plastic or metal tone-board with reed to imitate the soft tissue chambers of the neck and mouth of an animal. The design produces a truer, more natural sound as well as giving the user more control of volume, tone, and inflection just like the animals they were designed to imitate. The design is also nearly silent if accidentally contacting your gun or bow while in the field. Flextone© now has a full line of deer, elk, predator, turkey, and waterfowl calls using this patented technology.

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