Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Bowtech Pro Shooter Gillingham Wins 3rd Field National Title In Yankton

Bowtech Archery is proud to announce that for the 3rd year in a row, Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham has won the Gold Cup at the NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals in Yankton, SD. Tim is in his element when it comes to outdoor competitive archery, and was more than evident in his performance on the course with the Reckoning 38. Day 1 was a close battle, but day 2 and 3 Tim dominated and didn't look back to bring home the title again.

After the win, Tim shared, “Field archery is a game of precision where you cannot afford to have any problems with your equipment, especially in the Pro Divisions where we score the X-ring. I watched several of my competition chasing their bow and made me glad I shoot a Bowtech. These DeadLock pockets are the foundation that makes these bows so great!”

""Tim's on a roll, and it's awesome to watch."" said Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing. ""Whether he's on the course or off, we are proud of his representation of our brand and excited to be part of his success.""

Next, Tim is headed to the OPA where he looks to defend his 2020 title. Then he is on to the final ASA Pro Am in Cullman, AL. We are excited to share his success through the remainder of the season."

To up your game, you can find the tack driving accuracy of DeadLock® featured on the Reckoning 38, and Reckoning, as well as the 2021 Solution, Solution SS and Solution SD. The most accurate Target and hunting bows ever built.

DeadLock. Tune It, Lock It, Trust It.

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