Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Athlon Outdoors Acquires Skillset Magazine

Helping ‘Redefine the Alpha Lifestyle,’ Athlon Outdoors adds Skillset Media to its growing network, including Skillset’s quarterly magazine, podcast and digital assets.

(Nashville, Tenn.)

Athlon Outdoors adds new dimension to its lineup by bringing Skillset into the Athlon Outdoors family of brands. Skillset comes armed with a highly engaged audience and entertaining content, which combines an old-school pulp fiction vibe with a modern twist. This portfolio includes a quarterly magazine, podcast, podcast radio network, e-newsletter and social channels – not to mention the masterminds behind them. Founders Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak will remain at the helm when it comes to generating content. Gina Marie will continue working on advertiser partnerships, key influencer relationships and specialty media opportunities.

“Athlon Outdoors is thrilled to align our company in the alpha male lifestyle space with Skillset Magazine and Radio Network,” said Chuck Allen, CEO. “We are also excited to work with a veteran owned company that understands the lifestyle space and delivers innovative content.”

"Great content comes from passion, a strong, unique voice, and, above all, it has to serve a distinct audience," said Nick Seifert, VP/Group Publisher and Content Director, Athlon Outdoors. "Skillset delivers all of the above then brings it home with a huge dose of humor. From a demographic standpoint, the timing is perfect. Skillset is going to be the next big thing in American media."

Athlon Outdoors has big plans for the brand, starting with increasing Skillset’s size: both its physical size and reach. The trim-size will increase to an oversized book — the same specs as Ballistic magazine — and circulation is expected to increase to 140,000 with additional copies circulated as popularity expands.

In addition to making the magazine a premium offering, will undergo a full redesign, converting it to an editorially based, content-driven website with all the functionality of the other Athlon Outdoors websites including articles, photo galleries, integrated video player, native platform, digital advertising and more. Set to launch in 2019, Athlon Outdoors will be seeking a few key launch partners with sponsorship opportunities to be announced.

Looking forward, the possibilities with Skillset are endless. Beyond the already established hardcore shooter enthusiast audience within Athlon Outdoors, Skillset will expand Athlon’s reach to new audiences outside a typical outdoor segment. Targeting” alpha Americans,” Skillset’s audience reaches people on the fringe of the shooter lifestyle as well as those who participate in a wide variety of other interests. This broad appeal is what sets Skillset apart and makes it the perfect addition to the already robust Athlon Outdoors group of brands.

Please keep a look out for additional press releases as we formally introduce the Skillset team, the 2019 Skillset print schedule, the official launch of the new website and many other exciting initiatives we can’t share just yet.

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Carrie Roeder, Senior Director, Marketing and Operations