Why You Should Buy Another Firearm

Jun 13, 2018

Much has been printed and broadcast recently about soft firearms sales. According to the liberal mass media outlets and their hatred of firearms, the gun industry is on the brink of death. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. You can do your part to help drive up firearm ownership and the NICS background check numbers in the months ahead. Go shopping. 

Those who watch firearms sales follow the NICS background checks numbers. May 2018 set an all-time monthly record for NICS checks—the federal gun clearing house for those making a firearms purchase. In most recent months, the monthly sales total has been around or above 2 million firearms purchased. Many are being purchased for self-defense, but hunting and recreation are also huge uses of firearms.

With hunting seasons, National Hunting and Fishing Day (Sept. 22, 2018), and the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting Month (every day of August) on the horizon, you should make plans now to buy another firearm.

Ok, before you tune out, remember the famous words spoken by Democrat US Senator Zell Miller at the 2002 NRA Annual meeting: “I got my first gun - a 20-gauge Stevens - when I was twelve years old, and since that time I`ve accumulated quite a few others. Like many of you, I`ve got more guns than I need but not as many as I want.” A great point.

Need some reasons to buy another firearm? Read on…

10. Firearms provide hours of fun for you, family and friends.

9. Firearms can be used to protect you, family and friends from those who wish to harm you and them.

8. Firearms can provide food for you, family and friends, if you go hunting.

7. Firearms create jobs. By some estimates, more than 310,000 full time American jobs are related directly to firearms. Per the NSSF, “Companies in the United States that manufacture, distribute, and sell firearms, ammunition, and hunting equipment employ as many as 149,113 people in the country and generate an additional 161,795 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries.” 

6. Firearms help the US economy. Again, according to NSSF numbers, “In fact, in 2017, the firearms and ammunition industry was responsible for as much as $51.41 billion in total economic activity in the country.”

5. Firearms can teach history. Firearms have been there in battles, as those first settlers came ashore in the New World, when explorers crossed new lands heading west, and at other pivotal points in the history of America and beyond. Some of these firearms have great national significance. You can find them on displays in museums from coast to coast.

4. Firearms use can teach math, problem solving and other skills necessary to be a productive person. Trajectory, velocity, foot pounds of energy and other calculations are common firearms related terms and equations. Study up.

3.  Firearms ownership can result in an increase of wealth. The price of a firearm rarely ever goes down, and the more anti-gun laws that are passed, it seems the more the price of firearms rises. Ammunition prices have risen even faster than home prices in most aggressive home markets in recent times. Shop and see.

2. Firearms teach responsibility. When you introduce someone to hunting or teach about firearm safety, maintenance, care and safe storage, they learn the many aspects of being a responsible firearm owner. The NSSF provides more facts on firearms storage at www.projectchildsafe.com. See Safe Storage Options. When you buy that new firearm, plan for safe and secure storage.

#1. Firearms are fun. Some of the biggest smiles every seen are when someone hits a flying skeet target, punches a bulls-eye on paper or downs their first deer or pheasant. Someone bought the firearm they used. Was the person you?

What will your next firearm be? Start shopping. Good news is that many places are having sales to make way for the new 2018 models.

—Michael D. Faw