Last Minute Gift Suggestions

Dec 15, 2017
There are still a few hours left to order last-minute gifts with a reasonable assurance (barring weather or catastrophic event) of them arriving in time for Christmas giving. So, it's not too-late to offer up a few last-minute suggestions.

If you're looking for a larger gift for the recreational shooter in your family, here's a suggestion for the lady- or gentleman- on your list from Gun Tote'N Mamas. Yes, I know they're primarily a ladies concealed carry bag maker, but trust me on this one.>
In Buffalo Leather, Gun Tote'N Mamas' rolling range bag (above) is suitable for men or women. In microfiber or their patters, they're great ladies' range bags that don't look like range bags. Inside (below) they all feature heavily padded velcro sections so you can set it up to suit your needs.>
They have a unisex rolling range bag that most shooters would like- including the traditional ones- and especially the stylish ones.

Their Rolling Range Bag comes in four styles (Three fabrics: black or burgundy quilted microfiber, blue paisley, and the one I consider "unisex" - the distressed buffalo hide). It's those bags that absolutely looks like anything but a range bag.

You could roll it around almost anywhere without getting one of "those looks" in a crowd.

There of the three fabric models lists for $155.95. The Distressed Buffalo is priced at $285.95, but it's high-quality leather.

Now, here's a deal.... go to their website, pick out the bag(s) you want, then enter the code'll get twenty percent off. While you're there, you might want to check out their other products- and you'll be able to use the SANTA code for those purchases, too.

Since today is December 15, 3 day expedited shipping would guarantee in-time delivery. The SANTA code savings will certainly help offset that increased cost.

If you're looking for something that will help any AR shooter in your family become more proficient, here's a book I think you should own. It's from our own Tactical Wire expert Tiger McKee. "AR 15 Skills & Drills" is a compendium of his crystal-clear instruction and suggestions as to practice drills that will have you running your modern sporting rifle like a pro.>
AR 15 Skills & Drills by Tiger McKee will help you -or whomever is fortunate enough to receive it as a gift- become much more proficient with their rifle.
It's obvious how highly we regard Tiger's expertise. And the chance to get an assemblage of his AR instruction is an opportunity to take advantage of his lifelong training and instruction expertise.

You can order "AR-15 Skills and Drills on Amazon for $22.03 (List price: $32.99) - a bargain at retail. A steal at that price- and it's still showing as "Arrives before Christmas" without rush shipping. But time's a'wasting.

The next suggestion's may annual head-slapper idea. You know, you look at a good idea, slap yourself on the head and go "I should have thought of that."

As a wildlife or action sports photographer one of the tougher things to do is successfully track your subject with long telephoto lenses. Your field of vision's constrained by the telephoto lens - and both-eye open shooting doesn't work with large cameras. One eye's usually obscured by the equipment.>
Pro Gear Design's PGD Tracker takes the proven effectiveness of an optical red dot sight and marries it with a camera and telephoto lens.)
Enter Photo Gear Design's PGD Tracker When you see the photo, you'll realize why I consider this one to be a head-slapper. They've taken a red dot optic and created a mount to go atop the hot shoe of most pro-style cameras. If, unfortunately, you're considering it for a flat-topped mirrorless cameras (like the Sony A6500 for example), they advise you to contact them before ordering.

Full disclosure: I haven't used the PGD Tracker, but I tested the concept with one of my own optics and a jerry-rigged mount. It performed much better than it looked. And Pro Gear's PGD Tracker includes the optic and all mounting hardware for $175

Finally, a gift for the people in your life who just can't seem to remember that batteries have a shelf life- even when stuffed into a flashlight and forgotten. Their flashlight's are always forgotten - until they really need it. At that point they usually have a useless flashlight filled with corroded batteries.

This next suggest is, without a doubt, their flashlight. It's decidedly not tactical, particularly ergonomic or small enough to slip into a pocket. It's actually really bulky, measuring just under a foot long, with an business end that's more than four inches across.

But this isn't a light for "operators". It's "the" light for people who won't be bothered worrying about a flashlight until they need one .

The hydralight(www.hydralight) doesn't use batteries, hand cranks or solar energy. It uses water (hydra-as in "water" light).>
Forget about it until you need it. Then dip the HydraLight's fuel cell in water and you'll have enough light to get you through most situations.
When I got one for testing, I thought it was a crazy idea. But I dipped the HydraLight fuel in water for the prescribed 7-10 seconds, "vigorously shook out the excess water" and stuck in back into the body, the flashlight worked. It wasn't a blinding 3,000 lumen death ray "visible for 1,00 nautical miles" but it gave plenty of light to move around a dark room. It also has the ability to sit on the end - or hang from a cord - and use as a lantern.

In other words, it's a forget-about-it flashlight. When you need it, just add water and you're good to go for what the manufacturer says is up to 100 hours of continuous use.

I didn't test that, but I did fill it once and try it several times over a week. Last time I checked, it was working fine.

The manufacturer says that each fuel cell is good for approximately three charges, or 300 hours of use. That's a lot of mileage for a product that is essentially inert until needed- and contains no acids or harmful chemicals. The manufacturer says HydraLights can be "recharged" by immersing the fuel cell in salt water.

HydraLights are available on their website for $29.95 plus shipping ($6.95 standard, other rates depend on your location) and, yes, you can get one before Christmas.

That's the last of my personal Christmas gifting suggestions. If you've not found the perfect gift by now, you're running out of time - and I'm out of suggestions.

--Jim Shepherd