No Blood Dancing

Apr 10, 2014
With 20 high school students stabbed or cut by a 16-year old classmate at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murraysville, Pennsylvania, the typical media saturation coverage is not at the level you might expect.

For this normally quiet, upscale town of 20,000, it was another one of those "it can't happen here" moments. And they're quietly dealing with the shock and sadness that accompanies one of these crazy events.

But the usual groups normally lined up to plea for "something to be done" are strangely absent.

And knowing I'll be accused of "dancing in the blood" by some, I'd suspect several reasons why we're not hearing those calls for action.

The calls for something to be done aren't being made because the horrible occurrence yesterday points out something that pro gun groups have been saying for some time: America doesn't have a gun problem, we have an anger and violence problem- especially in our schools.

Further, the groups normally calling for immediate legislative action are being quiet because stabbings don't move the needle for them. Eliminating violence is as nebulous and unlikely an idea as world peace- they know that's impossible.

And it's not their ultimate goal. Disarming average Americans is their goal, and they're single-minded in that mission. When it's a non-gun event, that's difficult for them to deny, so they go quiet.

Other groups, like Knife Rights( has come out with a statement, but it's one that recognizes the tragedy of the attacks, rather than trying to capitalize on it.

Knife Rights Statement on Franklin Regional High School Attack

"Knife Rights, representing law-abiding knife owners, is shocked and saddened by the news of the appalling and senseless attack at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania.

Out of respect for the victims and their families and due to the lack of a full set of facts on this attack at this time, we will have no further comment until more facts on the attack are available."

At this point, there's really no way to know what set off sixteen year old Alex Hribal, but the shock will wear off and the questions will begin to be answered. That's because Hribal is alive-as are all his intended victims.

That is the only bit of good news out of this latest tragedy.

--Jim Shepherd