Big Week Ahead

Apr 26, 2013>
Television studios are great places to collect information, but aren't very good at providing time to process it. Here, LaserLyte's Aaron Moore demonstrates the unique features of a new laser- and the proven TV technology of chromakey. Jim Shepherd photo
After three weeks of television production, I'm ready for the weekend. Not because I dislike producing television, but because I need a few days to process all the information I've taken in during that time.

The production team for Guns & Gear are winding down the actual field and studio recording for season five. We've been from Utah to Alabama, and have a couple of last-minute hops to Louisiana and the northeast before we hit the edit rooms.

It doesn't make us unusual in the outdoor television world. Across the country producers of the more than 400 outdoor-related shows are frantically prepping for a season that kicks off in early July. That's not a lot of time to turn out programs.

But it's a great time to see some very interesting new products. With a focus on the latest in - you guessed it- guns and gear, our show offers a relatively in-depth look at new products for shooters and outdoor enthusiasts. It also offers a certain news editor the chance to see new gear and talk with the companies that produced it -in advance of its being rolled out to the general public. At least it does ordinarily.>
One very cool product (their 9mm MPX Carbine in a very unusual form) will be on display in the SIG booth. (Top) Trijicon will also be showing some new technolgical advances (below). Jim Shepherd photos.>
This year's NRA Show will be the kickoff point for a lot of new guns. Most of those guns, however, are iteratives of existing models. Additional caliber offerings and "tricking up" guns will be more the routine than the norm, although there will be some very cool products rolling out in Houston next week.

Other cool products address the "ammo concern" of most shooters. One, from Stag Arms, is a .22 conversion kit that works on most AR-style rifles. For considerably less than $200 (including shipping) you can take your personal AR and convert it to shoot .22 rimfire ammo. It allows you to practice with your rifle, your trigger and your gear the way you want it considerably less expensively than .223 ammo.

Another is from LaserLyte. Known more for affordable lasers than practice devices, LaserLyte's Aaron Moore rolled out four pieces of gear that quickly had shooting competitions for rifle, pistol and shotgun going in the studio. That's also cool equipment we'll be talking more about post-NRA.

In other words, there will be plenty of "stuff" to talk about in addition to the normal politics and rights discussions that are the trademarks of NRA Annual Meetings.>
Can't spill the beans, but Tom Gresham and Paul Pluff of S&W are talking about a rifle combo we liked. Jim Shepherd photo.
We're all headed to Houston, so we'll keep you posted in Friday and Monday's wires.

And a personal note to the hundreds of you who have offered to get involved with MyTime2Stand: thanks for the support. I'm about to kick off the summer campaign to tell people that despite what some people would like you to believe, you really make a difference- a big one- in your world.

Yesterday, I delivered my Jeep to the company that's putting the wrap on it. Today, the trailer is set to be delivered that I'll be using as a combination transport and housing unit as I travel across the country.

The website is in final testing and is set to go live as early as today (chec later today). That site will be the place where you can get information on what I'm up to with this project, where I will be traveling, short reports, videos, photos, interviews and more information designed to help you make a difference in your immediate world. You can also sign up to support MyTime2Stand by starting to encourage others to stand with you in your communities.

As I'm getting ready to hit the road on this project, your responses have already convinced me that I'm not the only one who should be out on the road talking with gun owners. Unfortunately, at this point, I do seem to be the only guy headed out with the express purpose of motivating you to get involved in community politics and the battle to protect our Second Amendment Rights.

We're moving forward, and I'll keep you posted.

Hope to see many of you in Houston. Have a great weekend.

--Jim Shepherd