Big Thursday

Jun 28, 2012
The hummingbird-like attention span of the mainstream media has already moved on after having accepted with absolute confidence a scientific pronouncement that lead ammunition and fishing sinkers are totally responsible for the dire straits of the California Condor (the buzzard-like bird with the widest wingspan in North America-and the best PR representation -ever).

Our readers, on the other hand, refuse to accept that study from the University of California Santa Cruz as irrefutable proof that lead in ammunition and fishing sinks are to blame.

In fact, one of our knowledgeable readers submits that the premise for their findings their isotope analysis technique to positively identify the type of lead the condors are ingesting is neither reliable nor accepted. In fact, the FBI had cases "tossed" because they couldn't prove it was accurate or reliable.

Honestly, I never got that far into questioning the study.

My suspension of disbelief ended when they asked me to accept that these big birds are only getting lead from hunter-shot game, either from gut piles or animals that got away.

Since the expression "like a buzzard on a gut pile" applies to the California condor, I have a fundamental problem discounting all other sources of lead. I'd have the problem even if the isotope technique was irrefutably accurate. They are carrion eaters-that means anything dead (or dead enough not to defend itself) is not only fair game, it's good fare.

It pains me to see the craft where I've spent my entire adult life having turned into something other than reporting where conclusions are driven by agendas, not facts. I'd like to be 24 again, too, but.....

This morning, Washington's the focus of attention for virtually every small businessperson in America. That's because at some point today, the Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on the administration's controversial health care legislation.

If the high court upholds the government's ability to mandate health care, many small companies have already determined it to be a burden they can't bear. That's another shot our economy doesn't need.

Should the court strikes the healthcare legislation down, there's no way to gauge the administration's response. That makes everyone nervous.

If that's not enough, there's a vote today on a contempt of Congress charge against the Attorney General, Eric Holder. The "spinning" on that is already underway. Mainstream media is characterizing the fight between the Justice Department and the House committee charged with oversight of that agency as a test of the lobbying prowess of the "gun lobby" (that's the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and they myriad of other local and state organizations).

It decidedly is not. Sorry, it's just not, and no amount of spinning will make that wish come true. It's an investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing by officials who swore an oath to enforce our laws, not selectively ignore or violate them with impunity.

Mainstream media just refuses to accept that, and refuses to let their viewers, readers or listeners hear it reported as such. Instead, it's been diminished and characterized as just another political cat fight.

It's not about ideology. It's not about guns. It is not a liberal/conservative, black/white or red/blue debate. It's about justice - for all- including the people supposed to be equally enforcing the law.

Maybe that's why some people are nervous at the thought of laws being equally enforced.